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April 2010


As the Naval Postgraduate School implements its strategic plan, Vision for a New Century, and works to extend that vision, the Committee on the Future is asked to look beyond the boundaries of the present and into the possibilities of the future.  The world continues to change at a significant pace and higher education institutions must challenge themselves to stay current with the frontiers of knowledge creation and scientific inquiry. 

The Committee on the Future is asked to consider some of the important changes on the higher education landscape and provide advice about how the Naval Postgraduate School can fully realize its potential itself as a central resource to the nation – a center of academic quality, in research and graduate education, and a source of relevant, leading edge information on national security priorities. 

A university is more than a collection of curricula and projects, faculty and students  - it is an intellectual energy that fuels inquiry and provokes the status quo.  How an institution ensures its edge is by asking thought leaders to comment on how the future will be shaped.  Specifically, NPS needs to hear what academic areas are crucial to national security, what technologies must be developed, what multidisciplinary synergies must be cultivated, and what focused areas of research must be supported.  At the same time, NPS needs to hear about alternate resourcing strategies, possible improvements to use of existing resources, and methods for priority-setting.

The Committee is asked to take a full year to develop its report and to consider the voice of the campus community as well as opinions of leaders in the Department of Navy, Defense, other federal agencies, higher education institutions, and those of our global partners.

Chair of the Committee: 

RADM  Jerry Ellis, USN (ret), Professor and Chair, Undersea Warfare


Mr. Michael Bayer, President/CEO, Dumbarton Strategies, NPS Board of Advisors

Mr. Mark Breckenridge, Deputy Director, Defense Manpower Data Center

CAPT James Durham USN (ret), Vice President and Director, Undersea Systems and Technology Systems Planning and Analysis, Inc.

Mr. James M. Mc Garrah, PE, RADM, CEC, USN (ret), Director, Information Technology and Telecommunications Laboratory, Georgia Tech Research Institute

Prof. Frank Giraldo, NPS Associate Professor, NPS Faculty Council

Mr. Mark Gorenflo, SES, Principal Deputy and Senior Director for Future Capabilities for the Deputy Under Secretary of the Navy for Plans, Policy, Oversight and Integration

Dr. Christine Haska, NPS Vice President for Information Resources and Chief Information Officer, Ex officio member

CAPT Karl M. Hasslinger, USN (ret), Director, Washington Operations, General Dynamics, Electric Boat

Dr. Doug Moses, NPS Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Ms. Colleen Nickles, NPS Vice President, Finance and Administration, Ex officio member

Dr. Sunder Ramaswamy, President, Monterey Institute of International Studies

Dr. Karl van Bibber, NPS Vice President and Dean of Research, Ex officio member

MAJ Kris Zhea, USAF, President Elect, NPS Student Council, Ex officio member

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