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The members of the Naval Postgraduate School’s Committee on the Future have diverse backgrounds and levels of expertise in the areas of academia, business, national security, and the military — particularly the Department of Defense and the Armed Forces.

Members of the Committee on the Future include:

Mr. Daniel T. Oliver
Dr. Leonard A. Ferrari
Rear Admiral W. G. “Jerry” Ellis (ret)
Mr. Michael Bayer
Mr. Mark Breckenridge (ret)
CAPT James Durham USN (ret)
. Frank Giraldo
Mr. Mark Gorenflo
CAPT Karl M. Hasslinger (ret)
Dr. Christine M. Haska, ex officio
Rear Admiral James M. Mc Garrah (ret)
Dr. Doug Moses, ex officio
Ms. Colleen Nickles, ex officio
Dr. Sunder Ramaswamy
Dr. Karl van Bibber, ex officio
MAJ Randy Staab
MAJ Kris Zhea

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