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Naval Research Working Group

April 18, 2017 - April 20, 2017
Type:   Special Event

The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) will host the Naval Research Working Group (NRWG) 17 April 18-20, 2017 aboard the Monterey campus. This activity is an essential element in the success of the NPS Naval Research Program, as envisioned by the Secretary of the Navy. It serves as a forum for Navy and Marine organizations to communicate, review, validate, and recommend topics for NPS research in FY18. SECNAVINST 1524.2C dtd 21 OCT 2014 identifies that, “an active academic research program is vital to the quality of education provided to students, the attraction and retention of exceptional faculty members, and the provision of real-time, directly relevant deliverables to government sponsors.” Ready more…

For more information, please visit Naval Research Program site.

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