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The School
The Naval Postgraduate School is an academic institution whose emphasis is on study and research programs relevant to the Navy's interests, as well as to the interests of other arms of the Department of Defense. The programs are designed to accommodate the unique requirements of the military.

The Campus
Located in Monterey, California, on the Pacific Ocean 120 miles south of San Francisco, the Naval Postgraduate School campus covers 627 acres of land. The site, which has been home to NPS since 1947, houses state-of-the-art laboratories, numerous academic buildings, a great library, government housing and impressive recreational facilities.

The Students
The Naval Postgraduate School is home to 1,616 resident and 977 distance learning students. The student body consists of officers from the five U.S. uniformed services, officers from 46 other countries and a small number of civilian employees. Selection of officers for fully-funded graduate education is based upon outstanding professional performance as an officer, promotion potential and a strong academic background.

The Faculty
The faculty, the majority of whom are civilians, are drawn from a broad diversity of educational institutions and represent a prestigious collection of scholars. Faculty/student interaction is high. Every class is taught directly by a faculty member--over 99% of whom have a Ph.D.

The Degrees
The Naval Postgraduate School offers classes leading to advanced degrees in a variety of fields.

Please see pdf for 2014 degrees conferred.

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