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Operational Oceanography
6402 Subspecialty
375 Curriculum

Approved School

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Educational Skills Requirements (ESRs)

The officer must understand the fundamental concepts and be familiar with the basic functional areas of:

  1. Integration of Oceanic Parameters: The officer must be able to observe, assimilate, analyze, and predict oceanic and littoral water conditions using direct and remote sensing observation techniques, statistical analysis, and numerical models. The officer will have a sound understanding of polar, mid-latitude and tropical oceanographic dynamics, including the impact of these region's conditions on military operations and systems.
  2. Numerical Prediction Systems: The officer will have a thorough understanding of numerical prediction systems as it applies to the physics and dynamics of the ocean. This understanding should include a broad understanding of the modeling systems to include strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities; the state of current models and techniques; and appropriate applications of deterministic and stochastic techniques.
  3. Ocean Problem Solving: The officer must develop critical thinking skills and conduct independent analyses to solve environmentally challenging problems in the field of Physical Oceanography as it applies to Naval/Joint operations, using modern scientific research techniques, field experience, tools, and equipment.
  4. Decision Superiority: The officer must have a thorough understanding of open-ocean and near-shore oceanographic dynamics and properties. The officer must have the ability to apply this knowledge to warfighter decisions using sound decision theory, taking into account available courses of action, assessments of vulnerability, uncertainty, and risk.
  5. Other Requirements: The officer must successfully complete all NAVPGSCOL or MIT/WHOI requirements in an Applied Ocean Science and Engineering Master’s Degree.