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Symphonic Wind Band Conducting
6430 Subspecialty
900 Curriculum

Approved CIVINS School

Arizona State University University of Cincinnati College
University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign

Educational Skills Requirements (ESRs)

1. Applied Conducting: In-depth study in podium leadership/advanced technical skill to permit real-time conducting of major symphony-level ensembles with demonstrated understanding of complex rhythms/time-signatures; legato, staccato, marcato articulations; beat patterns; cues; fermatas; dynamics; expression; phrasing; and preparation (anacrusis) of beats and entrances; and thorough knowledge of standard band literature.

2. Music Analysis & Score Study: Theoretical and analytical study of music providing an understanding of form, harmony, style, composition, counterpoint, and phrasing; traditional techniques used in preparing to rehearse ensembles for performance of new pieces. Thorough understanding of traditional band instrumentation, including individual instrument ranges and limitations.

3. Music History: Practical understanding of composers and their compositions with respect to style, genre, tradition, and performance; identification of significant periods in music history (i.e., Baroque, Classical); their relationship with earlier periods/impact on later styles.

4. Wind Band Ensemble Literature: Thorough knowledge of music for band in composition, transcription, arrangement; practical knowledge of music publishers and their material, including standard wind ensemble repertoires.

5. Knowledge of Research Techniques: Thorough understanding of standard resources including bibliographies, Internet; and standard historical material.

6. Interpretation: Thorough understanding of standard literature and their associated styles including modern, traditional, classical, and jazz.