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Religion in Culture
1430 Subspecialty
973 Curriculum

#973 Religion in Culture, 1430P

Approved CIVINS Schools

Duke University Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
Emory University University of San Diego
Princeton Theological Seminary  

Educational Skills Requirements (ESRs)

  1. Religion and ethnic studies.
  2. Religion and gender studies.
  3. Comparative religions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shinto, etc.
  4. Sociology of religion.
  5. Religion in society: Equal opportunity, public policy, justice.
  6. Impact of culture on communication.

Pastoral Counseling
1440 Subspecialty
974 Curriculum

#974 Pastoral Counseling, 1440P

Approved CIVINS Schools

Duke University Princeton Theological Seminary
Emory University Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Educational Skills Requirements (ESRs)

  1. Pastoral counseling for families.
  2. Pastoral counseling in hospital settings.
  3. Pastoral counseling in substance abuse.
  4. Pastoral counseling for single parents.
  5. Pastoral counseling for single service members.
  6. Pastoral counseling for grief and crisis.
  7. Personality development.
  8. Group dynamics.

1450 Subspecialty
975 Curriculum

#975 Ethics, 1450P

Approved CIVINS Schools

Boston University Princeton Theological Seminary
Duke University Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
Emory University  

Educational Skills Requirements (ESRs)

  1. Classical ethical theories.
  2. Ethical implications of religion in society.
  3. Biomedical ethics.
  4. Just war theory.
  5. Moral theory.
  6. Values development.
  7. Group dynamics and institutional values.