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Robo-Ethics Continuing Education Series 2014

CRUSER Sponsored Robo-Ethics Continuing Education Series

Where & When

  • Date: 24 March 2014
  • Time: 1300 - 1600
  • Location: 
    • San Diego:  TACTRAGRUPAC auditorium (Flyer)
    • NPS (VTC): Reed Hall 201 (Flyer)
    • USNA (VTC)
    • NSWC PCD (VTC)
    • Dial-In:  831-656-6694 passcode: 66940214# (limit of 50 lines available)

Hosted by CRUSER director, Dr. Ray Buettner (NPS)

Commanded by RADM Peg Klein, USN (The Joint Staff)


  • Dr. Timothy Chung (NPS)
  • CDR Shane Cooper (THIRD Fleet)
  • LT Benjamin Elzner (NPS)
  • Dr. Rand LeBouvier (Bluefin Robotics)
  • CAPT Bob Schoultz (USN ret.)
  • Dr. Bradley Strawser (NPS)


A panel of leading thinkers with diverse perspectives in military operations, robotics, law and ethics will address decision making situations associated with the employment of humans, remote and robotic systems. Panelists include a future commander, an operator, a roboticist, an industry expert, a lawyer, and an ethicist. They will be asked for their guidance on ethical dilemmas embedded in a South China Sea scenario in the year 20YY involving regional unrest and a diverse set of stakeholders. In this scenario, unmanned and manned systems will be deployed in response to escalating political tensions, and fictional warfighters will be faced with challenging and sometimes ambiguous situations and decisions associated with these new technologies. The panelists each will be given an opportunity to respond to the scenario and the moderator will facilitate discussion of their responses. DoD stakeholders throughout the San Diego region are invited to attend the event and the session is available remotely to an audience on the NPS campus in Monterey and other potential sites. The moderator will take audience questions for incorporation into the discussion.

Program Booklet


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