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CRUSER Technical Continuum 2013

CRUSER Technical Continuum

Where & When

  • Date: 9-10 Apr 2013
  • Time: 0900-1500 PDT
  • Location: NPS CAVR




NPS Consortium for Robotics and Unmanned Systems Education and Research (CRUSER) will hold its Second Annual Technical Continuum (TechCon) and Third Annual Robots in the Roses Research Fair from 9 - 11 April in coordination with National Robotics Week. These events are for NPS students and faculty interested in all education, experimentation and research related to employing unmanned systems in operational environments. 

The TechCon's intent is three fold. It will further concepts developed during the September 2012 Warfare Innovation Workshop by showing NPS student and faculty work in advancing undersea operations capabilities, hear from currently funded CRUSER research programs, and provide a venue for FY14 research proposals to CRUSER. The TechCon is seminar-based and will be held in the NPS Center for Autonomous Vehicle Research (CAVR) spaces. We anticipate presentations to be from 20 - 30 minutes long, discuss on-going student and faculty research, or be proposals for future CRUSER FY14 funding in research related to unmanned systems. Seven distinct concepts were selected from those presented at the September 2012 Warfare Innovation Workshop, but they are broad enough to include a host of specific research questions. For example, non-lethal stopping concepts using a hardening gel that block ship board heat exchangers when ingested from under the hull. Exemplar topics like this support both material science (can we create such a gel?) to legal and ethical questions. Selected concepts include: 

  • Decoys and military deception (MILDEC): Designs to obfuscate targeting or cloud the enemy's operational picture - such as a USV swarm fleet or acoustic deception by unmanned systems. 
  • Vessel tagging: For domain awareness and tracking - such as remora tag with hydro-fan generator. 
  • Non-lethal kinetic effects: Generation of non-lethal stopping tactics and mechanisms - such as condenser fouling agents. 
  • Undersea positioning, navigation and timing: For navigation accuracy and domain awareness as an alternative to GPS and surrogate for underwater use. 
  • Undersea "garage": Autonomous docking, power generation and transfer, deployment and to extend time on station. 
  • Hybrid unmanned vehicles: Multi-domain vehicles that transition between domains. 
  • Crowd-sourcing: Leveraging white shipping, regional fishing fleet and other entities to meet mission data collection needs. 

Specific concept areas recommended by the September 2012 workshop may be found in pages 15-20 of the NWDC/CRUSER Warfare Innovation Workshop After Action Report (FOUO) which is available upon request from Lyla Englehorn

To be clear, NPS CRUSER TechCon presentations are not meant to present or propose research to demonstrate the entire concept for advancing the design of undersea warfare, but rather highlight specific important elements to show the concept's feasibility. One page abstracts may be submitted NLT 15 March 2013 to CRUSER Operations Manager Lisa Trawick. Presentations that are intended to be FY14 CRUSER funding proposals will be asked to submit a full proposal with budget after the Techcon.

The TechCon will conclude with the Third Annual Robots in the Roses Research Fair starting at 1400 on Thursday, 11 April, on the Quad and Spruance Plaza. This will provide a venue for NPS students and faculty to demonstrate their research in unmanned systems or robotics to students, faculty, and staff across campus. Families are welcome to attend Robots in the Roses as it is also a STEM event.

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