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CRUSER Warfare Innovation Workshop Sept 2014

NWDC/CRUSER Warfare Innovation Workshop

Where & When

  • Date: 22-25 Sept 2014
  • Initial Briefs (open): Mon 22 Sept, 0845-1600
  • Final Briefs (open):  Thurs 25 Sept, 0800-1200
  • Location: NPS - Ingersoll 122

This NWDC/CRUSER sponsored Warfare Innovation Workshop (WIW) is scheduled for 22-25 September 2014 as a Naval Postgraduate School Enrichment Week activity to explore "Warfighting in the Contested Littorals."


Monday 22 Sept

0845:  Overview and Scenario by CAPT Jeff Kline, USN (ret) : Chair of Warfare Innovation

0910:  Undersea Constellation (FOUO/NOFORN) by Dr. Susan LaShomb and Chris Martindell: SPAWAR

0935:  Rapid Design UAS by Kevin Reynolds: NASA Ames Research Center

1000:  JDAM for ASW and MIW (FOUO/NOFORN) by CDR Michael Szczerbinski, USN and LCDR Jeffrey Webb, USN: NPS Systems Engineering students

1015:  BREAK

1030:  Policy Inject by Paul Siegrist: OPNAV N2/N6

1100:  GPS III (FOUO/NOFORN) by Michael Souder: Lockheed Martin

1125:  Undersea Garage by Sean Kragelund, NPS Center for Autonomous Vehicle Research (CAVR)

1200:  LUNCH

1300:  Innovation Seminar by Dr. Neal Thornberry, NPS

1530:  Tasking and Assignments by CAPT Jeff Kline, USN (ret) : Chair of Warfare Innovation

1545:  CRUSER Overview by Dr. Ray Buettner: CRUSER Director

Thurs 25 Sept

0830:  Final Outbriefs


Starting in 2009, NPS warfare innovation workshops have addressed self-propelled semi-submersibles, maritime irregular challenges, undersea weapons concepts and unmanned systems concepts generation. Participants in these workshops are junior officers from NPS, the fleet, and other DoD commands; early career engineers from Navy laboratories, academia and industry; and CNO Strategic Studies Group (SSG) Director Fellows.


Emerging technologies in unmanned systems; autonomy; missile systems; undersea systems; long-range, netted and multi-domain sensors; and networks create a new environment for operations on and over the sea.  This changing technology environment both challenges traditional fleet operations and provides opportunities for innovative tactics, techniques, and procedures to achieve naval objectives in sea control, power projection and counter Anti-Access Area Denial (A2AD) strategies in the littorals.  This workshop will focus on warfighting in the complex and electromagnetically contested environment of the littoral.  It will address opportunities in swarm ISR to support tactically offensive operations, expeditionary mining and marine raid concepts, alternative methods of ship to ship communications in a Network Optional Warfare concept, laser weapons in defense, and other related research topics. The larger research question is “Will emergent technologies (unmanned systems, advanced computing power, automation, advanced sensor capabilities, laser weapons etc.) allow us to fight effectively in the complex and an electromagnetically contested littoral environment against sea denial forces?”

Workshop Design:  

This NWDC/CRUSER WIW will take advantage of the innovation lessons learned in previous workshops and will be designed to include the following:
1)     Knowledge leveling briefs, followed by team break outs for two days of concept generation; and ending with a morning of final briefs to NWDC, the NPS Chair of Warfare Innovation, and CRUSER leadership.
2)     This workshop is open to all U.S. NPS students, DoD personnel from other commands and labs, and vetted CRUSER members from academia and industry – all curriculums, all services.

Here is a recruiting video from a previous workshop, but gives you a good overview of the process:

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