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Funded Research
CRUSER Funded Research

CRUSER has funding to support NPS Faculty research focused on any aspect of unmanned systems/robotics related research.  Examples of previously funded research are listed below.  


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  • Innovating for the Swarm vs. Swarm Grand Challenge Competition
  • Development of Very-Small Multi Rotor Aircraft as Platforms for Atmospheric and Sea Surface Measurement
  • Aqua Quad
  • Diver and Unmanned Vehicle Networking-by-Touch
  • UUV Path Planning for ASW/MIW Using Navy’s Ocean Data
  • A Robot Control Ontology Supporting Ethical Mission Execution
  • An Integrated Indoor Unmanned System Experimentation Facility for Campus-wide Teaching and Research **
  • Joint Human/Robot Operations in Extreme Environments
  • Robotic Outposts to Support Persistent AUV Operations
  • A Manual for the Model-Based Design and Assessment of Robotics and Unmanned Systems **
  • A Student built Autonomous Ground Vehicle as a Course Project for the Benefit of the CRUSER Community **
  • A Teleoperative Sensory-Motor Control Platform (TSMCP)
  • Tropical Cyclone Reconnaissance with the Global Hawk: Assessment of Initial Results and Use in Improving Forecasts of Tropical Cyclone Intensity and Structure
  • Short Range Radiative Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) for UAV/UAS Battery Charging
  • Glider applications in Tactical Oceanography **
  • Introduction to Big Data and Analytics Course Development **
  • Defense against Swarms: A Key Naval Capability **
  • UAS IFC Phase II:  BBN Based Hazard Risk Analysis Toolset
  • UAS IFC Phase III: Modular O-O BBN BBN Based Hazard Risk Analysis Toolset
  • Command & Control of Highly Autonomous Systems and People
  • CRUSER Data Farming Workshops **
  • Real-time undersea networking using acoustic communications for improved AUV positioning and collaboration
  • Environmental Data Collection Using Autonomous Wave Gliders

** Education Track

FY13- click to see additional details
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  • The Use of Unmanned Systems for Environmental Sampling and Enhanced Battlespace Awareness in Support of Naval Operations
  • Tactical Long Endurance Unmanned Air System (TaLEUAS)
  • Networked Unmanned Systems Formation for Rapid Detection, Interdiction, and Expert Reachback in Maritime Interdiction
  • Operations Support for NPS Seaglider Operations
  • Comparative Analysis of X-47 UCAS & F-18 Squadron Manpower
  • A Collaborative Diver Assistant for Underwater Operations
  • Corporation of Navy’s Ocean Data into UUV Path Planning with Obstacle Avoidance
  • Experimental Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Interim Flight Clearances
  • UAS Training and Pilot Certification Program
FY12- click to see additional details 
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  • Passive UxV Navigation using Visual Sensors 
  • Tropical Cyclone Reconnaissance with the Global Hawk: Operational Requirements, Benefits, and Feasibility 
  • Joint Optimization of Sensing and Sampling with Unmanned Undersea Vehicles 
  • Roadmap for Reduction of Total Ownership Cost (TOC) to Support Acquisition Decisions of Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle - Phase I
  • Programming the Laws of Armed Conflict (LOAC) for Unmanned Systems
  • Autonomous Multi-vehicle Tactical Surveillance and Support for Maritime Visit, Board, Search and Seizure Operations

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