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Natalie J. Webb, Professor

Natalie J. Webb is a professor of economics in the Defense Resources Management Institute, where she has taught and conducted research in defense, nonprofit and other areas of applied economics and resources management since 1992, earning awards for both outstanding teaching and research. She was awarded a Fulbright Scholar Award to research nonprofit and government relationships in to Oslo, Norway in 1997. Dr. Webb was awarded the U.S. Navy Superior Civilian Service Award in 2005 for her work with executive education for flag and general officers. She has taught military and civilian officials from over 160 countries and has traveled to over 50 countries to teach, conduct workshops and research issues related to defense resources management and economics. Dr. Webb has been an invited speaker at international conferences, and serves on the board of Nonprofit Management and Leadership. She currently conducts research on nonprofit and voluntary organizations, including their interaction with defense and other government agencies and non-governmental organizations, and performance management. Her research appears in the top nonprofit journals and in multiple economics and management journals. .

Curriculum Vitae (in .PDF format)

Selected Publications:

Mehay, S., & Webb, N.J. (2007). Workplace drug abuse programs: Does ‘Zero Tolerance’ work? In press. Applied Economics.

Staniec, F.O. and Webb, N.J. (2007). “Utilization of Infertility Services: How much does money matter?” Health Services Research, 42:3, Part I: 971-89.

Webb, N.J., & Blandin. J. (2006). Evaluating executive performance in the public sector. International Public Management Review 7(1): 98-117.

Handy, F., & Webb, N.J. (2003). A Theoretical Model of the Effects of Public Funding on Saving Decisions by Nonprofit Service Providers. Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics. 74. 261-282.

Abzug, R. & Webb, N.J. (1999). Nonprofits as stakeholders. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly. 28. 416-431.

Chermak, J. M., Lowe, J. K., & Webb, N.J. (1997). A new look at a new discount rate: Discounting project proposals within the U.S. Department of Defense. Armed Forces Comptroller. 42. 27-32.

Abzug, R. & Webb, N.J. (1996). Another role for nonprofits: The case of 'mop-ups' and 'nursemaids' resulting from privatization in emerging economies. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly 25. 156-173.

Webb, N.J. & Farmer, A. (1996). Corporate goodwill: A game theoretic approach of the effect of corporate charitable expenditures on firm behavior. Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics. 67. 29-50.

Webb, N.J. (1996). Corporate profits and social responsibility: 'Subsidization' of corporate income under charitable giving tax laws. Journal of Economics and Business. 48. 401-421.

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