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DRMI courses are taught by a faculty selected for their educational background, professional experience, and willingness to innovate within a curriculum designed to achieve the mission set forth by the Secretary of Defense. All of the Institute's civilian faculty are members of the Naval Postgraduate School faculty -- a fully accredited graduate institution -- and are on assignment to the Institute.

Executive Director
Natalie J. Webb, PhD -- Economics, Duke University, 1992

Francois Melese, PhD -- Economics, University of Louvain, Belgium, 1982
Robert M McNab, PhD -- Economics, Georgia State University, 2001
Anke Richter, PhD -- Operations Research, Stanford University, 1996

Associate Professors
Jomana H. Amara, PhD -- Economics, University of Houston, 2004
Diana I Angelis, PhD -- Industrial & Systems Engineering, University of Florida, 1996
Jonathan Lipow, PhD -- Economics, UC Berkeley, 1994
Eva D. Regnier, PhD --Industrial Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2001

Assistant Professors
Laura Armey, PhD – Political Economics & Public Policy, USC, 2008
Ryan Sullivan, PhD– Economics, Syracuse University, 2010

Senior Lecturers
Stephen F. Hurst -- MS, Systems Analysis, Naval Postgraduate School, 1985
Luis A. Morales -- MPA, University of Missouri, 1992
Allan C. Polley -- MS, Systems Analysis, Naval Postgraduate School, 1990

Peter Bertelsen -- MBA, Thunderbird School of Global Management, 2001
LCDR Joel Frey, USN -- MBA, Naval Postgraduate School, 2014
Charlie Orsburn, -- MA, Monterey Institute of International Studies, 2000
Jerome T. Sebastyn, -- MA, Strategic Studies, Naval War College, 2002
Maj Jan-Hendrik zurLippe, USMC -- MBA, Naval Postgraduate School, 2013

Research Associate
Kathleen Bailey -- MA, Naval Postgraduate School, 2011

Emeritus Faculty
James S. Blandin, PhD -- Management, University of Oregon, 1974
Earl J. Brubaker, PhD -- Economics, University of Washington, 1964
Peter C. Frederiksen, PhD -- Economics, Washington State University, 1974
C.J. LaCivita, PhD -- Economics, UC Santa Barbara, 1981
Kent D. Wall, PhD -- Control Sciences, University of Minnesota, 1971

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