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Tuition Frequently Asked Questions

  •  What is NPS’ DODAAC?
    DODAAC: N62271

    Funding documents should be addressed to:
    President, Naval Postgraduate School
    1 University Circle, Attn: Comptroller
    Monterey, CA 93943.

    Email funding documents for tuition to

  •  What is NPS’ CAGE CODE?
  •  What is NPS’ DUNS#?
  •  What is NPS’ Tax ID#?
  •  What is the meaning of “Mission-funded”?
    Mission-funded means that NPS is funded by the U.S. Navy to provide graduate education to academically qualified Naval Officers (USN & USMC).
  •  How is tuition paid?
    Transfer funds to NPS via the following documents:

    a) U.S. Navy activities: NAVCOMPT Form 2276A
    b) Other DoD services: MIPR, DD-448
    c) Non DoD agencies: Interagency Agreements (IAA) and Financial Management Standardization (FMS) forms 7600A (agreement) and 7600B (purchase order)
    d) SF-182 with the student’s command/activity/agency’s Line of Accounting (LOA) and billing information.

  •  Does NPS accept credit card payments?
    No, credit card payments are not accepted at this time.
  •  Can I apply for scholarship?
    NPS does not offer any scholarships nor accept funding thru scholarships.
  •  Can I pay for my tuition?
    No, you may not pay for your own tuition. Per Title 10, all NPS students must be sponsored by their commands or employer. Therefore, the commands/employer transfer funds to NPS via a funding document. DoD contractor companies will send a check payable to the U.S. Treasury to NPS.

    Funding must be confirmed by those who have Financial Signature authority, i.e. Comptroller or Financial Officer, before the prospective student is accepted/enrolled in any of the NPS programs.

  •  My Acquisition Workforce Tuition Assistance Program (AWTAP) application for NPS has been approved, but I read on the website that NPS does NOT accept tuition assistance. Does this apply to AWTAP as well?
    No, this does NOT apply to AWTAP funding.
  •  For the tuition POC on my application, should I put my own information as the central POC for different funding sources?
    Tuition POC should be from your command's finance office who can commit funds to cover the full tuition.
  •  If I cannot get the entire tuition covered by AWTAP and my program office, is direct deposit accepted from personal checking accounts? I read that personal checks are not accepted.
    NPS is not authorized to accept payments directly from students.
    All NPS students are required to be sponsored by their commands.

    FYI: AWTAP funds $10K a year maximum so your command will have to cover the rest of the tuition. AWTAP does not pay for books.

  •  Does NPS accept payments through the VA GI Bill/Post 9-11 benefits?
    Per Title 10, NPS cannot legally accept tuition payments through the VA.
  •  I am currently enrolled at NPS and I was wondering if I should be expecting to receive a form 1098-T that states I've paid tuition to submit with my taxes.
    NPS does not issue IRS Form 1098-T. Since all NPS students are technically under full command/employer sponsorship, NPS does not provide this form.

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