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Aerodynamic Decelerator Systems Center


  • NPS Faculty

Dr. Oleg Yakimenko, ADSC Director

  • Other Faculty

Dr. Nathan Slegers, Assistant Professor at the University of Alabama in Huntsville

  • Current Students

Mr. Charles Hewgley, graduates in December of 2011
Ms. Robyn Tiaden, graduates in September of 2010
Mr. David Meissner, graduates in September of 2009
Mr. Choon Seong Chua, graduates in December of 2008

  • Former Students

Mr. Ryan Tiaden, graduated in December of 2007
Mr. Robert Berlind, graduated in March of 2006
Mr. Paul Mortaloni, graduated in December of 2002
Mr. Christopher Junge, graduated in December of 2001
Mr. James Johnson, graduated in September of 2001
Mr. Timothy Williams, graduated in June of 2000
Mr. Scott Dellicker, graduated in March of 1999

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