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MAE Distance Learning - MS Engineering Science (Mechanical Engineer) Degree
Adm. Richardson

"The Naval Postgraduate School is unique. There are many institutions that solve problems and create new capabilities. NPS solves our Navy's most vexing problems and creates our critical capabilities. In doing so, students also exchange ideas with the future leaders of the Armed Services of our allies and partners. This makes NPS, its faculty, and its students a national strategic jewel in our nation's crown."

Admiral Richardson
Director, Naval Nuclear Propulsion

Master of Science Engineering Science (Mechanical Engineer) (MSES-ME) Degree Program (Curriculum 572)

The Master of Science in Engineering Science (Mechanical Engineering) MSES-ME provides students with scientific and technical knowledge of mechanical engineering. Students will gain an understanding of the role that engineering and technology have in military operations environment. Emphasis is on naval engineering and its applications to surface vessels, submarines, and spacecraft.

Skills/knowledge gained: The ability to identify, formulate, and solve technical and engineering problems in mechanical and astronautical engineering and other engineering disciplines—examples: thermal-fluid sciences, structural mechanics, ship systems engineering, spacecraft designs, and others.

The Master of Science in Engineering Science is part of a proud heritage.   On June 9, 1909, Secretary of the Navy George von L. Meyer established a school of marine engineering at Annapolis. This small program, consisting of 10 0fficer students and two Navy instructors, was the first Naval / Mechanical Engineering Program and would later become today's Naval Postgraduate School.

The DL MSES-ME program brings the core of the on-campus courses together with proven DL technology and faculty expertise to deliver a unique curriculum focused on mechanical engineering.



Typical Course Of Study  
Quarter 1  
ME3201 Applied Fluid Mechanics
Quarter 2  
ME3150 Heat Transfer
Quarter 3  
ME4220 Viscous Flow
Quarter 4  
ME4162 Convection Heat Transfer
Quarter 5  
ME4161 Conduction Heat Transfer
Quarter 6  
ME4420 Marine Power and Propulsion
Quarter 7  
ME0810 Research/Design Paper
Quarter 8  
ME0810 Research/Design Paper

Final two Quarters are devoted to a capstone project


  • Successful Graduate of Naval Nuclear Power School Officer curriculum
  • Written Command Endorsement (This section has been updated so that the Participation Agreement is now built into the application online).
  • B.S. in Engineering (or closely related field)
  • A (Video-Tele-Education) VTE location*

*VTE is optional as all courses are now designed to be delivered asynchronously.


Eligibility, Tuition, Course Materials and Program Availability

The MSES-ME program is fully funded postgraduate education. Books will be provided to the students for the duration of the program. Students generally take one course at a time and should complete each within six months.

The Program Manager will provide information on the next available opportunity for new student enrollments.


Student Application Form

To apply for this program, please complete the Student Application Form and submit.


Transcript and Participation Agreement Submission Information

In order to be  fully considered for a seat in the  degree program, you are required to submit Sealed Official transcripts of ALL undergraduate and previous graduate work to date (degree & non-degree) to the NPS Admissions office at the following address:

Naval Postgraduate School
Attn: Director of Admissions (Official Transcripts)
Admissions Office, Code 01C3
1 University Circle , HE-022
Monterey , CA 93943-5100

Per OPNAVINST 1520.23C, a Navy officer will incur a 2 year service obligation upon completion or withdrawal from the MSES-ME program, which is served concurrently with any other service obligation.   All students must submit a command-signed Participation Agreement (PA) prior to enrolling in the program.  The Participation Agreement is now available via the online application.
There are 2 options to submit the Participation Agreement to the NPS Admissions Department:

  • You can have it printed, signed and faxed to: 831-656-2891
  • You can have it printed, signed, scanned and emailed to

If you have questions regarding your transcript submissions or Participation Agreement, please contact the NPS Admissions Office at .


Contact Information

For additional information specific to the program, please email the Program Manager.