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Photo of Dr. Brij N. Agrawal

Director Brij Agrawal

Director's Welcome

Welcome to Spacecraft Research and Design Center (SRDC).

I invite you to browse our web site and learn about the center.

In the center the research is in progress in several challenging areas, such as flexible spacecraft control, acquisition, tracking, and pointing, optical beam control, adaptive optics, beam jitter, adaptive control, control moment gyros control, and spacecraft design. The center has several state-of-art laboratories for instruction and research.

SRDC Research Labs Focus

Photos of SRDC Research Labs. Photo 1 shows the HEL Beam Control Testbed.  Photo 2 shows the Advanced Inertial Reference Unit (aIRU).  Below, photo 3 and 4 shows the Three Axis Simulator II.

About SRDC

The Spacecraft Research and Design Center provides cutting-edge research for future DoD missions. The SRDC consists of five state-of-the art laboratories: FLTSATCOM Laboratory, Smart Structure and Attitude Control Laboratory, Spacecraft Design Center, NPS-AFRL Optical Relay Mirror Spacecraft Laboratory, and Adaptive Optics Beam Control Laboratory.

SRDC Laboratories

The NPS Students and Researchers use SRDC laboratories for courses and research. These laboratories are primarily funded by external research projects.

SRDC News & Events

Distinguished Professor Agrawal Elected AIAA Fellow.

SRDC Job Opportunities

Spacecraft Research and Design Center has openings for Research Fellows and Electro-Optics Engineers.

Theses/Research Opportunities

SRDC offers opportunities for hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology in various research areas related to future DoD missions such as Laser Communications systems, Advanced Electro-Optical Imaging systems, and High Energy Laser (HEL) systems.

Photo of Adaptive Optics Testbed

Adaptive Optics Testbed
The Adaptive Optics Testbed uses adaptive optics to improve the quality of an imaged object. Light from an object of interest and a red light reference laser beam travel together though the optical components on the table, becoming aberrated in the process.

Photo of Three Axis Simulator II (TAS II)

Three Axis Simulator II
Three Axis Simulator II (TAS II) is a second generation spacecraft simulator equipped with more powerful actuators and more accurate sensors.

Photo of Adaptive Optics Beam Control Laboratory

Adaptive Optics Beam Control Laboratory
A new Adaptive Optics Beam Control Lab provides a clean room environment for high energy beam control research.

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