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Accelerated Technology Transfer Teams

Project Teams

#1 Diffusion of technology within potential adopter communities
#2 How to measure success at technology adoption?

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Relevant Student Thesis Work

"An Analysis of Rapid Technology Transfer Solutions and Best Practices for use by the Department of Defense." LCDR Dennis Holden, USN.

Driving Concern

There is often a long lag from the completion of DARPA-sponsored S&T development to adoption in the field.  Some technologies never are adopted; others take a very long time to adopt.  DARPA wants to accelerate implementation of these useful technologies and markedly improve the success rate of adoptions.  The goal is to benchmark how well DARPA is transferring technology and to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of technology adoption across the agency portfolio.  The Adaptive Execution Office (AEO) was established specifically to address these goals.  

Objective of the Project

• Develop new methods, tools, and practices for accelerating technology adoption from DARPA (and other S&T) development efforts to operations.
• Investigate the possibility of developing a center jointly sponsored by S&T leaders and military services that identifies big issues in technology adoption and helps stimulate research on those issues.

The Value of the Partnership

DARPA has:
• Numerous programs in several offices (DSO, MTO, IPTO, STO, TCTO, TTO)
• The establishment of AEO is to improve the adoption process from these offices to operations

NPS has:
• Uniforms (military officers)
• Technologists (CS, MOVES, DA, IS, OR, …)
• Engineering (ECE, MAE, SE, Space Systems, … )
• Business (acquisitions)
• Research (student theses and DOD relevant projects)
• Potential collaborations with Stanford, Caltech, …
• Potential collaborations with Silicon Valley companies
• Interdisciplinary mindset


This project is supported by The DARPA Adaptive Execution Office (AEO)


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