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Decision Superiority in Cyberspace

The educational core of the Cebrowski Institute for Innovation and Information Superiority exists to ignite a culture of innovation and learning by engaging students in provocative, disruptive discussions and explore compelling, relevant, and sustainable ideas that enable a competitive advantage.

To that end, the Department of Navy Chief Information Officer (the Honorable Mr. Rob Carey) selected the Cebrowski Institute to host a series of educational courses aimed at improving the Information Technology (IT) literacy of very senior leaders in the Department of the Navy and helping them understand the impact of their IT decisions and choices on fleet operations.

Along with the Navy's Chief Information Officer the Vice Chief of Naval Operations and the Under Secretary of the Navy (Mr. Robert Work) sponsored the Decision Superiority in Cyberspace course on both coasts:  Bethesda, MD on 28 and 29 July 2010, and Monterey, CA on 24 and 25 August 2010.  Experts and leaders from across the private and public sectors spoke with 21 selected Navy flag officers and Senior Executive Service Civilians to:

  • Promote cyber literacy across the Navy
  • Help executives better manage large cyber investments and how to execute in an aligned way with department goals and strategies
  • Improve decision making and operational tactics in the cyber information age leading to information dominance
  • Understand and shape Department IT governance

Course objectives included:

  • New thinking and language regarding the cyber realm
  • Reduction of legacy applications and heightened awareness of cyber risk and cyber security Integrated and aligned systems at the field level Improved data sharing and ownership
  • Broadened choices and different outcomes for cyberspace solutions
  • Deeper understanding of cyber threats and opportunities and requirements to build institutional security and access to data and systems
  • Better appreciation for risk reduction and risk-seeking strategies
  • Better awareness of current capabilities and thinking outside our organizations

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