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Distributed Information Systems Experimentation

The Distributed Information Systems experimentation (DISE) research group focuses on complex field experimentation, collaborating with operational commanders to 
develop objectives for experimentation. DISE develops understanding of complex systems, methodologies, and tools with the goals of optimizing decision making 
effectiveness and creating theory from joint field experiments such as Trident Warrior and Empire Challenge.

DISE uses a consistent framework for analysis developed over last 11 years to collaborate with all stakeholders in planning. All documents and plans are developed and maintained within a single enterprise database – FIRE (FORCEnet Innovation and Research Enterprise), and collect all relevant data for analysis, (e.g. system derived data, expert observations, electronic chat, and survey tools). DISE members analyze the data comprehensively and maintain a multi-year, well-organized record for archive.

In Trident Warrior 2010 (TW10) multiple technologies will be assessed for potential use and integration into present operational maritime missions. DISE will assist in the development of the Military Utility Assessment (MUA) using empirical findings demonstrating effects of proposed new technologies and policy changes. We also seek to improve efficiencies and determine changes to warfighter situational awareness.

Future efforts include providing network analysis for EC10, combining multiple technologies – both real and synthetic and to demonstrate usefulness of these technologies 
(e.g. Joint Multi-Mission Electro-optic System (JMMES).

DISE Research Group Powerpoint

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