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Resiliency, Disasters and Humanitarian Assistance

Today's world is plagued by increasingly complex challenges. Governments and societies must respond to a range of crises that include natural disasters, health emergencies, wars, collapsing states, and violent insurgencies. These challenges demand new ideas and partnerships.

US Navy and US Marine Corps have responded to numerous major international disasters, many in the Asia-Pacific region. Many international humanitarian and stability operation engagements have been carried out with the intent of improving societal and community resilience to natural disasters and other disruptive influences. Unfortunately, these efforts have sometimes been counterproductive or less successful than expected.

The Center of Exellence - Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance (COE-DHMA) is a leading innovator in disaster management, and humanitarian assistance. Composed of a broad swath from military and civilian sources, the staff of experts are drawn from Defense, State, USAID and a broad range of international humanitarian organizations, ideally positioned to bridge the civilian-military divide. They provide strategic advice to military, civilian and international organizations planning for and responding to complex humanitarian emergencies.

This project coordinates collaborative efforts between NPS and the COE-DMHA, and provides direct linkages between NPS and other NPS agencies involved in disaster management and humanitarian assistance efforts. This partnership is working to:

  • Foster more stable and resilient societies that can resist overcome existential threats
  • Prepare societies and communities for mitigation and response to natural and manmade disasters
  • Build the relationship between humanitarian assistance, disaster response and emerging security challenges.






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