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Interns G-M

 Intern: Daniel GoparIntern: Daniel Gopar
Major: Software Engineering
Mentor: Arijit Das, M.S.
Partner: Gerardo Cordero
Project: Oracle Beehive Collaboration Software
Intern: Francisco GuierrezIntern: Francisco Gutierrez
Major: Economics
Mentor: David Alderson, Ph.D.
Project: Analysis and Visualization of Behavioral Network Science Experiments
We worked on the use of Beehive and Beekeeper, a team collaboration software offered by the company Oracle. This software is used for the DOD researchers that are spread all over the U.S. and used Trident Warrior to exercise and evaluate vendor products. The core work involved the sharing of files, focused discussions, and more. We were given an image of the actual production version to test the limits of the software, and explore the full potential of both software.

Current Status
Hartnell College
NPS Internship extended

This project involved analyzing the results of a series of behavioral experiments conducted by researchers at NPS and at the University of California, Santa Barbara. This experiment involved individuals within a community deciding if and when to evacuate from a pending natural disaster.  The primary objective of this project is to understand the way in which individual decision makers used and shared information, and how this information leads to collective action of the group as a whole.

Current Status
Hartnell College
Hired as Research Assistant, Operations Research


Intern: Brayan Hernandez Intern: Brayan Hernandez
Major: Computer Engineering
Mentor: Neil Rowe, Ph.D.
Project: Media Exploitation and Computer Forensics
Intern: Juan Hernandez Intern: Juan Hernandez
Major: Software Engineering
Mentor: Zachary Peterson, Ph.D.
Project: Customizable Card Creator for Educational Games
The main goal of the 2012 Summer Internship at the Naval Postgraduate School was to assist in further development of the previous work of Professor Rowe and his team, in the analysis of files on purchased digital drives, and for its use in digital forensics. The project is named Digital Evaluation and Exploitation Project (DEEP), and it was Media Exploitation and Computer Forensics.  The project included compiling a Machine Translation program, which is a computer translation program that will be translated into actual file path names.

Current Status
Hartnell College


My project was to develop a web-based "card creator" tool used to create custom game pieces for d0x3d, a board game that teaches network security concepts in a fun and collaborative way.  Specifically, the goal was to develop a framework for a card creator which can be robust and expandable to accommodate other, similar educational card games.  Using the d0x3d card creator, players are able to create their own cards giving them the ability to expand the gameplay experience.

Current Status
Hartnell College Graduate 2012
NPS Internship extended
Attending Cal State Monterey Bay

 Intern: Kristina KhuuIntern: Kristina Khuu
Major: Biology
Mentor: Amela Sadagic, Ph.D.
Partner: Luana Sanchez
Project: 3D Display of Virtual Humans
Intern: Judy LantacaIntern: Judy Lantaca
Major: Ocean Engineering
Mentor: Mark Gondree, Ph.D.
Project: Computer Security Education and Outreach
Students had a part in testing and evaluation of the proposed experimental setup. This included a toll (application) that allowed us to simulate different facial animations, creation of animated scenarios with different level of complexity, and tested a projection system on different 3D printed heads.

Current Status
Hartnell College

Judy Lantaca worked with Dr. Mark Gondree and Dr. Zachary Peterson in the NPS Computer Science Department designing a web site for educational outreach related to projects for teaching computer security using informal games. The site will be the home, among other things, for a board game and a complimentary online card creator (developed by fellow intern, Juan Hernandez).

Current Status
Hartnell College Graduate 2012
Attending Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo


Intern: Jose LopezIntern: Jose Lopez
Major: Astro Physics
Mentor: Andres Larraza, Ph.D.
Project: The Crookes Radiometer
Intern: Casandra MartinIntern: Casandra Martin
Major: Computer Science
Mentor: Buddy Barreto, M.S.
Project: Creation of Intra-Departmental Battle Lab
A Crookes Radiometer, or light mill, was a system of rotating vanes set in a vacuum.  One side of the vanes was white and the opposite side was black.  This contrast was necessary; when light is shone on the surface of the vanes, they rotate towards the lighter surface.  My task was to help quantify the magnitude of the forces caused by the Maxwell and Einstein effects. We are using photo paper with a black image printed on one half because it rotates at a sufficiently measurable speed.  

Current Status
Hartnell College Graduate 2012
Attending UC Santa Cruz

The purpose of this project was to integrate excess agency resources per Department of Defense (DoD) consolidation directive. For this, a virtualization lab at NPS was being restructured both physically and virtually throughout the summer. This lab, in the Information Sciences Department, was connected to the Ethical Hacking lab in the Computer Science Department. Both departments are under the Graduate School of Operational and Information Sciences (GSOIS).

Current Status
Hartnell College Graduate 2012
NPS Internship extended
Attending Cal State Monterey Bay


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