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Summer 2013 
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Summer 2011
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Intern: Luana SanchezIntern: Luana Sanchez
Major: Computer Science
Mentor: Amela Sadagic, Ph.D.
Partner: Kristina Khuu
Project: 3D Display of Virtual Humans
Intern: Christine SavalaIntern: Christine Savala
Major: Math
Mentor: Mark Karpenko, Ph.D.
Project: Designing a Magnetic Torque Rod for a CubeSat
Students had a part in testing and evaluation of the proposed experimental setup. This included a toll (application) that allowed us to simulate different facial animations, creation of animated scenarios with different level of complexity, and tested a projection system on different 3D printed heads.

Current Status
Hartnell College

I worked on designing and creating a magnetic torque rod. This magnetorquer rod was placed in a CubeSat and helped position the CubeSat using earth’s magnetic field while in space. We tested different models and materials using the same dimensional restrictions.

Current Status
Hartnell College
Attending Fresno State

Intern: Riley SchofieldIntern: Riley Schofield
Major: Electrical Engineering
Mentor: Peter Ateshian, MEng
Partner: Markanthony Rivera
Project: Enabling Wi-Fi on Lego Mindstorms
Intern: Kelsey TankesleyIntern: Kelsey Tankesley
Major: Computer Science
Mentor: Buddy Barreto, M.S.
Partner: Claudia Garcia
Project: Creation of Intra-Departmental Battle Lab
We worked with Lego Mindstorm robots. Our main goal was to set up and initialize the new Wifi sensor that NPS had purchased. We worked with the NXT-G GUI software, but no block for the Wifi sensor has been developed for it, so we downloaded and are currently using a software called Bricx Command Center (BricxCC).

Current Status
Hartnell College


The purpose of this project was to integrate excess agency resources per Department of Defense (DoD) consolidation directive. For this, a virtualization lab at NPS was being restructured both physically and virtually throughout the summer.

Current Status
Hartnell College


Intern: Leonel ZagarIntern: Leonel Zagar
Major: Biochemistry
Mentor: Jim Newman, Ph.D.
Project: CubeSat Launcher Shipping Container
I designed a shipping container for NPSCuL.  The NPSCuL structure holds eight Cal Poly P-PODs (Poly-Picosatellite Orbital Dispensers), which in turn are capable of holding from one to three CubeSats each. NPSCuL was launched into space and the CubeSats are subsequently deployed, so the NPSCuL shipping container held high value contents.

Current Status
Hartnell College



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