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 Intern: Carlos Saldivar
Major: Industrial Engineering & Mechanical Engineering
Mentor: Al Scott & John Bagnasco
Project: Segmented Mirror Telescope
Intern: Marcelino Samaguey
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Mentor: Dr. Garth Hobson &
Dr. Anthony Gannon
Project: Model Testing in
Super Sonic Wind Tunnel

My The segmented Mirror Telescope is a telescope that consists of 6 segments to form one large segment using actuators to change the curvature of the Silicon Carbide mirrors. By adjusting curvature, it will allow the large segment to project a flat image using an interferometer scope that can view measurements down to nanometers.


Supersonic wind tunnels have been used for research and testing for more than five decades. The main uses of a supersonic wind tunnel are to test the aerodynamics and propulsion of different machinery. .


Intern: Jennifer Santillo
Major: Biology
Mentor: Amelia Sadagic
Partner: Jeanette Rocha
Project: 3D Display and Capture of Humans for Live-Virtual Training
Intern: Cameron Schaefer
Major: Physics with a minor in
Computer Science
Mentor: Perry McDowell
Project: Delta 3D

Over the course of this internship, Jeanette Rocha and Jennifer Santillo will be working on Dr. Amela Sadagic’s project, “3D Display and Capture of Humans for Live-Virtual Training”. The main goal of this project is to transfer an image on a model through a projector and have the 3D model look as realistic as it possibly can.


This summer, my internship focuses on working as a member of a team dedicated to game development. We are utilizing the Delta3D open source gaming engine, developed here on site at the Naval Postgraduate School, for the purpose of creating “serious games”.


Intern: Chahan Shah
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Mentor: Mark Karpenko
Partner: Alejandro Hernandez
Project: Improving the Performance of Low-Cost-RC Servos
Intern: Ruben Telles
Major: Computer Science
Mentor: Peter Atesian
Project: Autonomous Robots

Radio Control servos that are popular for prototyping in robotics but generally have very poor performance. In example, they are unable to move the heavy loads accurately while holding them steady. The goal of this project is to retrofit RC servos to improve their performance in robotic applications. .


The purpose of our project is to create a deployable portlet. A portlet is a component within a webpage or portal that access information through the database. An example of a portlet would be a calendar “box” on a website or an instant messaging “box.”


Intern: Phillip Yee
Major: Undeclared
Mentor: James Newman
Partner: Yaritza Ascencio
Project: High Altitude Ballon

The purpose of our project is to fly a High Altitude Balloon (HAB) to near space to receive information about the weather, gas, pressure, location, and pictures of near space. Near space is the part of the Earth’s atmosphere where there is little air, but not high enough to interfere with satellites.


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