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Civilian-Military Affairs, Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Response 

Cebrowski Institute links networks of people and their work on civilian-military affairs (Civ-Mil) , humanitarian assistance/disaster response (HADR) and conflict prevention.  Research explores changing military roles,  new skills and technologies that connect and enable information to be gathered, fused and shared across network boundaries.  

Sponsors and collaborators  include:  Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD), Office of Naval Research (ONR),  Pacific Command (PACOM), Pacific Disaster Center,   Oakridge National Labs,  Argonne National Labs, National Defense University (NDU) Center for Technology and National Security Policy (CTNSP), San  Diego State University, George Mason University.

Hastily Formed Networks (HFN)

Networks of multiple organizations formed on short notice for crises, disaster response and humanitarian assistance

Resilience Analysis and Support

Developing frameworks, tools and learning opportunities that support Combatant Commanders (COCOMs) during theater engagement planning, execution, assessment and HADR

  • Resiliency Analysis Support Tool
    • Web-based, analytic system to support COCOM decision makers during Phase 0, peacekeeping, and HADR. Provides community and societal sector modeling for planning, analysis and decision support.  Provides assessments of community and society resiliency.
    • Sue Higgins; Scot Miller

  • Open Source Consortium for HADR Research and Technology (OSCHART)
    • Connecting people and organizations from public, private and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) researching technologies to enhance HADR support
    • Sue Higgins; Scot Miller


  • "The Three Block Fellowship"
    • Combat firepower alone will not bring victory. Innate cultural intuition is critical.  
    • By Major Brandon Newell, USMC NPS Grad, MS EE, 2011.
      • Article published in the Marine Corps Gazette  Oct 2012 (posted with permission from the Marine Corps Gazette for educational purposes)

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