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Wayne E. Meyer Institute of Systems Engineering

The Meyer Institute provides NPS faculty and students with relevant, tailored, and unique research opportunities in systems engineering and designated warfare areas to support NPS graduate education that increases the combat effectiveness of U.S. and Allied armed forces and enhances the security of the United States.

Mission and Goals

Establishes and conducts NPS-wide, interdisciplinary research programs for the Navy, DoD and other National Security customers.

Fosters and encourages NPS faculty and students to apply their talents to answering the high-priority questions in defense systems science, technology, and engineering.

Supports, facilitates and enables affiliated NPS faculty, visiting and adjunct faculty, and students to collaborate and conduct sponsored, interdisciplinary research and studies.

Publicizes and shares the results of Meyer Institute-affiliated research.

Provides a conduit to NPS faculty and students for defense contractor sponsored research.

Supports the assigned Chair Professors – enables the Warfare Chairs and PEO-, Industry-, and other-sponsored Chair Professors to carry out their academic responsibilities.

Recent News

A member of the research team at Naval Postgraduate School recently published an article in JOM, the journal of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS). Fernand D.S. Marquis, research professor, is the author of “Thermodynamics of Nanoscale Materials,” which was published in the January 2011 edition of JOM.
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