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Photograph of officers used for illustration purposesSEA students are primarily US Navy unrestricted line officers. 

Since the projects tend to look at broad naval issues, officers from all communities are welcome, but especially the surface, aviation, and subsurface communities.  We also welcome Marines and officers from other services.  Recent cohorts have included Army and Air Force officers.  We also frequently admit Allied officers and have had students from Turkey, Mexico, Argentina, and Singapore in the program.

Admission Requirements

NPS students This curriculum has an Academic Profile Code (APC)  of 3-3-4.  This means that an entering student must have an undergraduate GPA of 2.20 or better; have taken at least one calculus course with a 'C' or better grade; and have completed at least one calculus-based physics course with a 'C' or better grade.  However, based on the technical content and the fact that most students have been out of school for an extended period of time, the first quarter is designed to reinforce and refresh each student's understanding of basic math and science topics required for follow on courses.  Those students requiring an APC waiver should prepare as much as possible in advance of the refresher quarter, as the intensity and pace of the instruction can be a challenge even to those who have not been previously exposed to the material.  For those who have never taken Physics or Calculus, an online course or other means of more structured preparation would be time well spent.

More details are available from the Academic Associate.