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Faculty Publications

Faculty Publications

Acquisition Management

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Kidalov, M. “U.S. And E.U. SME Subcontracting Policy and Practice Trends: Towards A Transatlantic Accountability Consensus.” Journal of Public Procurement, Vol.13, Issue 1, 39-71, 2013.

Kidalov, M. “Impact of Contract Bundling and Consolidation on Defense Acquisition System and Defense Industrial Base: The Case of the U.S. Department of the Navy.” Journal of Public Procurement.

Technical Reports

Angelis, D., Ford, David & Dillard, J. “Real Options in Military System Acquisition: The Case Study of Technology Development for the Javelin Anti-Tank Weapon System.” Monterey, CA: Naval Postgraduate School, February 2013.

Operations & Logistics Management

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Dixon, M. J., & Verma, R. “Sequence Effects in Service Bundles: Implications for Service Design and Scheduling.” Journal of Operations Management, (2013).

Yoho, K.D., Bummara, J., Clark, W., & Kelley, C., “Strategic Resource Acquisition and Allocation: Selecting Vessels to Support Maritime Irregular Warfare,” Military Operations Research Journal, 2013.

Organizations & Management

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Powley, E. H. “The Process and Mechanisms of Organizational Healing.” Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 49(1): 42-68, 2013).

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