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Research Analysis Relevant to Defense Problems

The primary goal of GSBPP’s research programs is to provide the Navy and DoD with the capability of managing defense organizations, systems, and processes both efficiently and effectively. GSBPP recognizes the importance of both basic and applied research to the Navy and DoD and seeks to create a balance of both types of research in its research programs.

Research Excellence: GSBPP faculty include nationally and internationally recognized experts in simulation modeling, cross-docking, work motivation, knowledge management, military manpower, public sector management, change management, public budgeting, managerial communications, conflict management, acquisition, defense economics, information technology and other defense-relevant fields.

Research Relevance: In-depth knowledge of military problems allows the faculty to provide assistance to DoD decision makers with critical information and recommendations. Expertise in private sector business practices enables faculty to assist DoD organizations in adopting best business practices. Research in military-relevant issues additionally allows the faculty to develop unique and relevant instructional material for education of military officers that addresses areas of special interest to the DoN/DoD and to the global security establishment.

Research at the GSBPP is carried out by faculty, students, and four important research initiatives.

The Humanitarian Research Group (HRG) is a group of GSBPP community that seeks to create a focus group of researchers and practitioners in Humanitarian Operations. This group will thrive to foster an environment among academics and practitioners to create and transfer knowledge in the interest of recognizing and studying the issues and implementing the possible resolution.

The Center for Defense Management Research (CDMR) The Center for Defense Management Research (CDMR) provides assistance, information, and research on business management issues in national defense. Our goal is to provide research-based solutions to the most persistent issues of defense business management, and to support current and future defense leaders by informing and guiding the design and execution of current and future research.

Naval Postgraduate School’s Acquisition Research Program (ARP) Established in 2003, ARP provides leadership in innovation, creative problem solving and an on-going dialogue, contributing to the evolution of Department of Defense acquisition strategies.

Annual Acquisition Research Symposium Each May the ARP hosts an Acquisition Research Symposium in Monterey, California which draws a diverse audience of influential attendees from academe, government, and industry who are well placed to shape and promote future research in acquisition.

Manpower, Personnel, Training, and Education (MPTE) The Manpower, Personnel, Training, and Education (MPTE) Research Program was developed to allow faculty and students at NPS to research topics of importance to the Navy’s Manpower, Personnel, Training, and Education community. The program is sponsored by the Chief of Naval Personnel (N1) through a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the N1 and the president of NPS.

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