Naval Postgraduate School
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GSBPP programs and courses are open to:

  • The Five U.S. Uniformed Services
  • Department of Defense and Federal Government Civilian Employees
  • International Officers and Government Employees
  • Defense Contractors

As the leading graduate level business school offering degree programs uniquely tailored to the defense community, GSBPP provides high quality management education to a new generation of military and civilian leadership. GSBPP reflects the need to manage the business side of national defense effectively to support its operational requirements. With concentrations in acquisition, program management, contracting, financial management, logistics, manpower and systems analysis, and information technology management, the depth and breadth of faculty defense expertise is unlike any in the country. Through extensive faculty capabilities, and a vast array of delivery modes (resident, video teleconference, web-based learning, traveling faculty and others), GSBPP is able to tailor any product to the needs of the defense sector.

Our students’ body is composed by young professionals who are focused, determined and ready to rise to every challenge! They are officers from the five U.S. uniformed Services, civilian employees from the Department of Defense and the Federal government, International Officers and government employees from approximately 50 countries, and Defense contractors.

At GSBPP, students receive the education and skills they need for a successful career within the DoD. Supported by a unique combination of top notch civilian and military faculty, and by modern and technologically advanced infrastructure such as NPS state-of-the-art library, students are set for their path to success. After graduating from GSBPP, alumni fill jobs managing the business of defense, setting defense policy, and providing defense sector administration.

GSBPP graduates have made and are continuing to make a difference, filling important military and government leadership positions worldwide.

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