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As we strive to meet the strategic challenges of a rapidly changing world, electronic warfare continues to take on a critical role in shaping the course of events around the world. Through the continuing dedication to electronic warfare America's strengths and productivity are increased by developing new technologies for the warfighter to ensure that our national security can be preserved. In support of this goal, the Center for Joint Services Electronic Warfare (CJSEW) has been established. Located at the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California, the participating faculty and staff are dedicated to providing an EW resource in cooperation with government, military, and industry so we can fully prepare America for the challenges and opportunities of the twenty-first century.

This document briefly discusses the major activities of the CJSEW. A list of participating sponsors is also detailed. To improve the preparedness of our armed forces and strengthen our ability to defend our national interests, the CJSEW supports both the Sensor Systems Engineering curricula and the Information Warfare/C2W curriculum. The core courses for these programs are also detailed.

The Center for Joint Services Electronic Warfare is a leader in simulation and modeling, recognized for its advanced software tools and analysis capabilities. For further information on how the CJSEW can help the mission of your organization, please contact: The Center for Joint Services Electronic Warfare


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