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NPS MSEE Degree Program Educational Objectives

The “Program Educational Objectives”  of our MSEE program represent the abilities that we expect our graduates to have three to five years after their completion of our program. They are the skills and abilities that the graduates have to contribute to the national security of the United States (or their home countries).

Program Educational Objectives  

  1. Technical Leadership:  Graduates in the several years following graduation will be known and respected for their technical leadership along diverse career paths in government service and/or the private sector.
  2. Technical Program Management:  Graduates in the several years following graduation will possess the ability to handle assignments related to research, design, development, procurement, maintenance, and life cycle management of electronic systems for Naval and other military platforms.
  3. Operational Utilization:  Graduates in the several years following graduation will possess the ability to understand the capabilities and limitations of military electronic systems and to effectively employ electronic systems in military operations.

In order to achieve these objectives, we prepare our students in the MSEE program. The knowledge, skills, and abilities that we expect our students to have upon completion of their NPS program is called the Student Outcomes. Click on the link to learn more about our Student Outcomes. To check whether we are achieving the goals of these Objectives and outcomes, we are performing a   program of assessment described here.

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