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ECE Tentative Course Offerings for FY14

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EC0810  Thesis Research (0-8)FWSpSu
EC0820  Integrating Project (0-12)FWSpSu
EC1010  Introduction to MATLAB (1-1)FWSpSu
EC2010  Probabilistic Analysis of Signals and Systems (3-1) W Su
EC2100  Circuit Analysis (3-2) W Su
EC2110  Circuit Analysis II (3-2)F   
EC2200  Introduction to Electronics Engineering (3-3) W Su
EC2220  Electrical Engineering Design (3-4)  Sp 
EC2300  Control Systems (3-2) W Su
EC2320  Linear Systems (3-2)    
EC2400  Discrete Systems (3-1)F Sp 
EC2410  Analysis of Signals and Systems (3-1) W Su
EC2440 Introduction to Scientific Programming(3-2) W Su
AE2440  Introduction to Scientific Programming (3-2)F Sp 
EC2450  Accelerated Review of Signals and Systems (4-0)(Sign up)
EC2500  Communications Systems (3-2)F Sp 
EC2650  Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Fields (4-1)F Sp 
EC2820  Digital Logic Circuits (3-2)F Sp 
EC2840  Introduction to Microprocessors (3-2) W  
EC2990  Design Projects in Electrical Engineering (0-8)(Sign up)
EC3000 Introduction to Graduate Research (1-0)FWSpSu
EC3110 Electrical Energy (3-2)  Sp 
EC3130 Electrical Machinery Theory (4-2) W  
EC3150  Solid State Power Conversion (3-2)   Su
EC3200  Advanced Electronics Engineering (3-2)  Sp 
EC3210 Introduction to Electro-Optical Engineering (4-1)F   
EC3220  Semiconductor Device Technologies (3-2)F   
EC3230  Space Power and Radiation Effects (3-1)  Sp 
EC3240 Renewable Energy at Military Bases (3-2)   Su
EC3280  Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Design I (3-2) W  
EC3310  Optimal Estimation: Sensor and Data Association (3-2) W  
EC3320  Optimal Control Systems (3-2)  Sp 
EC3400  Digital Signal Processing (3-2)F   
EC3410 Discrete-Time Random Signals (3-2)   Su
EC3450 Fundamentals of Ocean Acoustics (4-0)F   
EC3460 Machine Learning for Signal Analytics (3-2) W  
EC3500 Analysis of Random Signals (4-0)F   
EC3510 Communications Engineering (3-1) W  
EC3600 Antennas & Propagation (3-2) W Su
EC3610 Microwave Engineering (3-2)    
EC3630 Radiowave Propagation (3-2)  Sp 
EC3700 Joint Network-Enabled Electronic Warfare I (3-2)F   
EC3710 Computer Communications Methods (3-2)   
EC3730 Cyber Network and Physical Infrastructures ( 3 - 2 )F Sp 
EC3740 Principles of Reverse Engineering in Electronic Systems (3 - 2)   Su
EC3750 SIGINT Systems I (3-2)    
EC3760 Information Operations Systems (3-2) W  
EC3800 Microprocessor Based System Design (3-2)F   
EC3820 Computer Systems (3-1)   Su
EC3830 Digital Computer Design Methodology (3-2) W  
EC3840 Introduction to Computer Architecture (3-2)  Sp 
EC3860 Trustworthy Computer Hardware Analysis and Design (3-2)  Sp 
EC3970 Special Topics in Electrical Engineering: Constructs in Malware (2-2)    
EC4000 Introduction to Doctoral Research (2-0)F Sp 
EC4010 Principles of Systems Engineering (3-2)F Sp 
EC4130 Advanced Electrical Machinery Systems (4-2)  Sp 
EC4150 Advanced Solid State Power Conversion (4-1)F   
EC4210 Electro-Optic Systems Engineering (3-0)    
EC4220 Introduction to Analog VLSI (3-1)   Su
EC4230 Reliability Issues for Military Electronics (3-1) W  
EC4280 Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Design II (2-4) W  
EC4300 Advanced Topics in Modern Control Systems (3-0)    
EC4310 Fundamentals of Robotics (3-2)F   
EC4320 Design of Robust Control Systems (3-2) W  
EC4330 Navigation, Missile, and Avionics Systems (3-2)( No Clearance Required)  Sp 
EC4350 Nonlinear Control Systems (3-2)  Sp 
EC4400 Advanced Topics in Signal Processing (3-0)    
EC4430 Multimedia Information and Communications (3-1)F   
EC4440 Statistical Digital Signal Processing (3-2)F   
EC4450 Sonar Systems Engineering (4-1) W  
EC4480 Image Processing and Recognition (3-2) W  
EC4500 Advanced Topics in Communications (3-0)    
EC4510 Cellular Communications (3-0) W  
EC4530 Soft Radio(3-2)   Su
EC4550 Digital Communications (4-0)  Sp 
EC4560 Spread Spectrum Communications (3-2)    
EC4570 Signal Detection and Estimation (4-0) W  
EC4580 Error Correction Coding (4-0)F   
EC4590 Communications Satellite Systems Engineering (3-0) W  
EC4600 Advanced Topics in Electromagnetics (3-0)    
EC4610 Radar Systems (3-2)   Su
EC4630 Radar Cross Section Prediction and Reduction (3-2)F   
EC4640 Airborne Radar Systems (3-2)F   
EC4680 Joint Network-enabled Electronic Warfare II (3-2)    
EC4690 Joint Network-enabled Electronic Warfare II (3-2)  Sp 
EC4710 High Speed Networking (3-2)   Su
EC4715 Cyber System Vulnerabilities and Risk Assessment (3-2) F   
EC4725 Advanced Telecommunication Systems Engineering (3-2)   Su
EC 4730 Covert Communications (3-2)    
EC4735 Telecommunications Systems Security (3-2)   
EC4745 Mobile Ad Hoc Wireless Networking (3-2)  Sp 
EC4750 SIGINT Systems II (3-4)    
EC4755 Network Traffic, Activity Detection, and Tracking    (3-2)    
EC4765 Cyber Warfare ( 3 - 2 )  Sp 
EC4770 Wireless Communications Network Security   Su 
EC4775 Computer Network Hardware Security (3-2)    
EC4785 Internet Engineering (3-1) W  
EC 4790 Cyber Architectures and Engineering (3-2)    
EC4795 Wireless Device Security (3-1)    
EC4800 Advanced Topics in Computer Engineering (3-0)    
EC4810 Fault Tolerant Computing (3-2)   Su
EC4820 Advanced Computer Architecture (3-1    
EC4830 Digital Computer Design (3-1)  Sp 
EC4870 VLSI Systems Design (3-2)    
EC4900 Topics for Individual Study in Electrical Engineering (V-V)(Sign up)
EC4910 Digital Signal Processing for Wireless Communications (3-2)    
EC4930 Advanced Special Topics in Electrical Engineering (V-V)    
EC4970 Advanced Topics in Sonar Systems Engineering (3-2)    
EC4990 Advanced Special Topics in Electrical Engineering (V-V)    
EO2102 Basic Electronics and Electrical Machines (4-2) W  
EO2402 Introduction to Linear Systems (4-1)   Su
EO2512 Introduction to Communications and Countermeasures (4-2)    
EO2513 Introduction to Communications Systems Engineering (4-2) W  
EO2525 Probabilistic Analysis of Signals and Communications Systems (4-1)  Sp 
EO2652 Fields, Waves, and Electromagnetic Engineering (4-1) W  
EO3402 Signals and Noise (3-1)F   
EO3404 Applied Digital Signal Processing (3-2) 
EO3502 Telecommunications Systems Technology (4-0)   Su
EO3512 Telecommunications Engineering (4-1)   Su
EO3513 Communications Systems Engineering (4-2)  Sp 
EO3516 Introduction to Communication Systems Engineering (4-2)   
EO3525 Communications Engineering (4-1)   Su
EO3602 Electromagnetic Radiation, Scattering, and Propagation (4-2)  Sp 
EO3911 Interdisciplinary Studies in Electrical and Computer Engineering (V-V)F   
EO4512 Communications and Countermeasures (3-2)F
EO4513 Communications Systems Analysis (4-2)   Su
EO4516 Communication Systems Analysis (4-2)   SP 
EO4612 Microwave Devices and Radar (4-2)   Su
EO4911 Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies in Electrical and Computer Engineering (V-V)2F   

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