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Selection Process Leading to the Award of MSEE Degree with Distinction
  1. ECE Department Student Award Committee (SAC) Composition
    • Nominations to the MSEE Degree with distinction are evaluated quarterly by the ECE Department SAC. The SAC composition is currently as follows:

    • Prof. Monique P. Fargues, ECE Dept Associate Chair for Student Programs and 590 Curriculum Academic Associate, SAC Chair
    • Prof. Roberto Cristi, 590 Curriculum Academic Associate,
    • Prof. Jeffrey B. Knorr, ECE Department Chair
    • Prof. Clark Robertson, ECE Department Associate for Instruction
    • LCDR Kendrick Macklin, Program Officer

  2. Selection Process
    • The current selection process takes into account the candidate’s TQPR, GQPR, overall program of study, and advisor feedback (See attached form) (doc). The process is split in the following two phases.

    • First phase: Evaluation of the candidate’s QPR, GQPR, programs of study, and pre-selection of potential candidates.
    • Second phase: Advisors for pre-selected candidates are contacted by e-mail and requested to fill to the "
    • Note: Advisors feedback forms are an integral part of the evaluation process and are required for student to be considered during the second selection phase. It is the responsibility of the advisor to return the required paperwork in a timely fashion to insure consideration.

    • School-wide policies regulating the award of Master Degree with distinction may be found in the Academic Council Manual (Section 7.3)

  3. Nomination Process
    • To be considered for such nominations, the SAC committee requests the following information be forwarded by e-mail to Ms. Alice Lee, 590 Curriculum Ed. Tech, by appropriate Academic Associates and/or Program Officers no later than the end of the second week of the graduating quarter:

    • Student name,
    • Student TQPR & GQPR,
    • Student Python Transcripts,
    • Student advisor name and POC information.

    • Advisors for pre-selected students who pass the first phase of the selection process will be contacted by e-mail by the SAC committee chair and requested to fill and return the "advisor feedback form" (doc) to the SAC chair in order for their student(s) to be considered during the second phase of the nomination process.

Late submissions will not be considered.

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