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Meteorology and Operational Oceanogrphy Curricula 373

Brief Overview
This curriculum in meteorology and oceanography involves approximately 110 quarter-hours of classroom lectures, supplemented by an additional 37 quarter-hours of laboratory exercises. This program is designed to provide the student with:

  • A thorough understanding of the principles governing the physical and dynamic properties of the oceans and atmosphere.
  • The ability to observe, assimilate, analyze, interpret, and predict oceanic and atmospheric parameters and conditions using field experimentation, direct and remote sensing observational techniques, statistical analyses, and numerical models.
  • A thorough understanding of the effects of oceanic and atmospheric properties and conditions on weapon, sensor and platform performance while conducting and supporting naval warfare, with particular emphasis on ocean acoustics and electromagnetic/optical propagation.
  • An oceanographic or meteorological research experience germane to naval warfare culminating in a thesis of professional quality.
  • A knowledge of Joint and Maritime Strategic Planning.

This education will enhance performance in all duties throughout a career, including operational billets, technical management assignments and policy making positions. Students will develop graduate-level technical ability based upon scientific principles, acquire diverse professional knowledge, and develop analytical ability for practical problem solving.

Requirements for Entry
This program is open to METOC (1800) Officers, officers from other services, International Officers and DoD civilians.
A baccalaureate degree in the physical sciences, mathematics or engineering is required. Completion of mathematics through differential and integral calculus and one year of calculus-based college physics are required. An APC of 323 (334 with waiver) is required for direct entry.

Entry Date
METOC curriculum is a nine quarter course of study with entry dates in September and March. If further information is needed, contact the Program Officer. Academic questions may be referred directly to either of the Academic Associates.

Master of Science in Meteorology and Physical Oceanography.

Completion of this curriculum qualifies an officer as a METOC Subspecialist with a subspecialty code of 6401P. The Curriculum Sponsor is the Oceanographer of the Navy (CNO N2/N6E).

Typical Subspecialty Jobs
METOC Officer aboard CV(N)/LHD
Submarine Group Staff
Numbered Fleet Staff
OIC Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command Detachment
NAVMETOCCOM Mobile Warfare Teams
National Geospatial Agency
Office of Naval Research

The Program Officer is here to support you in your educational efforts and answer any questions you have as a future, current, or graduated student. This website is designed to answer some of these questions, but please do not hesitate to contact me directly at (831) 656-2045 or

METOC Curriculum Officer: (831) 656-2045
Meteorology Academic Associate: (831) 656-2308
Oceanography Academic Associate:(831) 656-3080
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