Naval Postgraduate School
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Durkee, Philip A.: Professor, Dean GSEASĀ 
Harr, Patrick A.: Professor
Montgomery, Michael T. Z: Professor
Moore, Richard: Assistant Professor
Nuss, Wendell A.: Professor and Chair
Scarnato, Barbara: Assistant Professor
Wang, Qing: Professor

Military Faculty

Sommer, William: CDR, USN, Military Faculty, Program Officer for METOC and USW
Stone, Rebecca: Capt, USN, Military Faculty, Assistant Professor, Associate Dean of GSEAS

Research Faculty

Guest, Peter S. : Research Associate Professor
Murphree, Tom: Research Associate Professor
Chen, Hway-Jen: Research Associate
Frederickson, Paul A.: Research Associate
Jordan, Mary S.: Research Associate
Nielsen, Kurt E.: Research Associate
Abarca Fuente, Sergio: NRC Post Doc
Penny, Andrew B.: Research Associate
Archhambault, Heather: NRC Post Doc

Affiliated Faculty

Chang, Chih-Pei: Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Davidson, Kenneth L.: Research Professor Emeritus
Elsberry, Russell L.: Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus
Hacker, Joshua P.: Associate Professor
Haney, Robert L.: Professor Emeritus
Katz, Scott: Capt, USN (Ret)
Renard, Robert : Professor Emeritus
Wash, Carlyle H.: Professor Emeritus
Williams, Forrest R.: Senior Lecturer Emeritus
Williams, Roger T.: Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Bucholtz, Anthony: NRL Monterey

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