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Title   Degree InformationAreas of Research
Robert BourkeProfessor EmeritusPhD, Oregon State UniversityPolar Oceanography
Ruben CastroVisiting Professor (from Universidad Autonoma de Baja California, Ensenada, Mexico)PhD, Universidad Autonoma de Baja CaliforniaDescriptive Physical Oceanography
Ching-Sang ChiuDistinguished Professor, Associate Chair for Instruction, Academic Associate for 373, 440ScD, MIT/WHOIShallow-Water Acoustics and Acoustical Oceanography
Peter C. ChuDistinguished Professor and ChairPhD, University of ChicagoNaval Ocean Analysis and Prediction
Jackie Clement-KinneyResearch Assistant ProfessorPhD, Naval Postgraduate SchoolArctic Oceanography
Curtis A. CollinsProfessor EmeritusPhD, Oregon State UniversityDescriptive Physical Oceanography
John A. ColosiProfessorPhD, UC - Santa Cruz 
Lee-Lueng FuDistinguished Visiting Professor (from NASA/JPL)PhD, MIT/WHOI
Observation of Sea Level and Ocean Circulation using Spaceborne Techniques.
Roland W. GarwoodProfessor EmeritusPhD, University of WashingtonAir-Sea Interaction, Mixed Layer Dynamics
Arlene GuestSenior LecturerMS, Florida State UniversityGeographic Infomation Systems (GIS) and its Application to Real-World Problems
Eugene C. HaderlieDistinguished Professor EmeritusPhD, UC-BerkeleyBiological Oceanography
Thomas H.C. HerbersProfessor EmeritusPhD, UC - San DiegoOcean Surface Waves, Nearshore and Continental Shelf Processes
Leonid M. IvanovResearch Associate ProfessorPhD, Marine Hydrophysical InstituteOcean Modeling and Data Assimilation
John JosephFaculty Associate - ResearchMS, Naval Postgraduate SchoolUnderwater Acoustics Modeling and Measurement
Ray-Qin LinVisiting Professor  (from NSWC-Carderock)PhD, UCLAWave and Ship Modeling
W Timothy LiuDistinguished Visiting Professor (from NASA/JPL)PhD, University of WashingtonOcean-Atmosphere Interaction and Satellite Oceanography
Jamie MacMahanAssociate ProfessorPhD, University of FloridaNearshore, Estuarine, Riverine Processes through Field Observations and Statistical Techniques
Christopher W. MillerFaculty Associate -  AssociateMS, Naval Postgraduate SchoolMarine Mammal Bioacoustics, Ocean Acoustic Tomography, Underwater Acoustics
Wieslaw MaslowskiResearch ProfessorPhD, University of Alaska FairbanksArctic Climate Change and Prediction using Observations and Models to Understand the Relationship Between Physical Processes and Large Scale States and Variability.
Jeffrey PaduanProfessor and Dean of ResearchPhD, Oregon State UniversityCoastal Currents and Air-Sea Interactions
Timour RadkoAssociate Professor and Associate Chair - ResearchPhD, Florida State UniversityOcean Dynamics and Modeling
Steven R. RampVisiting ProfessorPhD, University of Rhode Island 
D. Benjamin ReederResearch Associate ProfessorPhD, MIT/WHOIShallow Water Acoustics, Acoustic Scattering, Ambient Noise, Acoustical and Tactical Oceanography
Andrew RobertsResearch Assistant ProfessorPhD, University of Tasmania, AustraliaPolar Earth System Modeling
Leslie RosenfeldVisiting Professor  (from CenCOOS/MBARI)PhD, MIT/WHOIOcean Observing Systems
Albert J. SemtnerProfessor EmeritusPhD, Princeton UniversityNumerical Modeling
William ShawResearch Associate ProfessorPhD, MIT/WHOI 
CDR William SommerMilitary FacultyMS, Naval Postgraduate School 
Timothy StantonResearch ProfessorMS, University of Auckland, New ZealandOcean Turbulence, Polar Ocean / Ice Interactions, and Ocean Instrumentation
CAPT Rebecca StonePermanent Military ProfessorPhD, Naval Postgraduate SchoolNumerical Air-Ocean Modeling
LCDR Keir StahlhutMilitary FacultyMS, Naval Postgraduate SchoolDecision Theory, Probability, and Atmospheric Refractivity
Edward B. ThorntonDistinguished Professor EmeritusPhD, University of FloridaHydrodynamics of the Nearshore Processes
Robin TokmakianResearch Associate ProfessorPhD, Naval Postgraduate SchoolNumerical Modeling, Remote Sensing, and Statistics

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