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Prof. Kevin B. Smith

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Prof. Dragoslav Grbovic


Prof. Joseph Hooper

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Department of Physics
Spanagel Hall, Room 203
833 Dyer Road
Monterey, CA 93943-5216
(831) 656-2145
DSN: 756-2145

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Mission Statement

The CSSE curriculum in the NPS Physics Dept is 8 quarters (2 years) long and yields you an MS degree in Physics or Applied Physics plus a 570XP subspecialty code.   This program is designed to provide the student with the ability to improve performance in operational & acquisition billets by:
  • Understanding of technical aspects, limitations, and state of the art of weapon, sensor, acoustic and energy systems
-        Use understanding of weapon effects to determine optimal offensive strategies
-        Use understanding of sensors to interpret the output
-        Use background in electronics, mechanics, and material science to better direct maintenance activities
-        Investigate renewable energy sources and technology to support combat systems
  • Increased capability to effectively acquire weapons systems
-        Write clear and achievable performance specifications
-        Make better source selection decisions
-        Use understanding of science and technology to evaluate system trade-offs and merits
-        Distinguish promising leads from dead-end ideas
-        Recognize design flaws
-        Envision creative uses of technology
  • Providing a knowledge of Joint and Maritime Strategic Planning
-        Joint Professional Military Education (JPME-Phase I)
This education will enhance performance in all duties throughout a career, including operational billets, technical management assignments, and policy making positions. Students will develop graduate-level technical ability based upon scientific principles, acquire diverse professional knowledge, and develop an analytical ability for practical problem solving. The Physics department at NPS has world class faculty and cutting edge research. Students enjoy working with our outstanding faculty and find their time here to be very rewarding.


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