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Department of Physics
Spanagel Hall, Room 203
833 Dyer Road
Monterey, CA 93943-5216
(831) 656-2145
DSN: 756-2145

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Technical and Administrative Staff

Jay Adeff
Engineer M.S. Physics, NPS, 1991
M.S. Engineering Science, NPS, 1999

Jay Adeff joined the NPS Physics Department in 1988 as part of the Thermoacoustics research group responsible for putting a Thermoacoustic refrigerator on the Space Shuttle, mission STS-42. He has also taken part in research projects ranging from atmospheric acoustic sounders to ultraviolet imaging spectrometers. He currently manages the acoustics teaching labs and is the department HAZMAT Coordinator.

Phone: 831-656-3529, Email:


Steven Jacobs
Model Maker/Protype Machinist, 2012

Steven Jacobs joined the MOVES Department in 2009 and worked on the marksmanship training robot for the Marine Core Warfighters Laboratory (MCWL). In 2011, he joined the Space Systems Academic Group (SSAG), and worked on the CubeSat satellite deployment system project. Steven later assumed duties and responsibilities as the physics department's primary Model Maker/Machinist following the completion of the CubeSat project.

Phone: 831-656-2304, Email:

Gene Morris
Electronics Technician
B.A. Information Networking Technology, FHSU, 2006

Gene Morris joined the railgun research program in 2006. As an electronics technician, he assisted Dr. Bill Maier and his thesis students in the research, design, fabrication and testing of novel railgun concepts. In 2011, Gene transitioned to a full time position within the physics department and now supports various teaching labs, develops media and maintains the department's web presence on the internet.

Phone: 831-656-3705, Email:

Mandy Drury
Administrative Support Assistant

As an Administrative Support Assistant, Mandy's primary objective is to ensure that everyone gets paid! She inputs, verifies and updates the departments automated payroll data system. She also assists the Chairman with preparing and managing multple reports, such as the departments labor plan and budget review.


Phone: 831-656-2397, Email:



Raquel Herold
Research Assistant

Raquel Herold joined the NPS Physics Department in 2006 as part of the Free Electron Laser and the Railgun research Groups. She is responsible for organizing scientific meetings, conferences, and short courses.  Arranges accommodations,  secures base access for attendees, secures venues, processes registrations, collects, manages, and distributes funding, procures catering and reception reservations. Drafts research proposals based on input from principal investigators and program managers (PIs/PMs) for submission to the Research and Sponsored Programs Office. Assists in writing technical reports and prepares presentations to sponsors at the Office of Naval Research. Prepares analytical financial reports on sponsored accounts and ensure financial practices comply with policies and procedures to assist Physics Department faculty members, administrators, and supporting staff.

Phone:831-656-3124 Email:





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