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Information for Potential Resident Students:

Why Systems Engineering?

Now as in the past, military success depends strongly on technological superiority. Officers with a firm understanding of the basic engineering concepts enjoy a huge advantage throughout their careers in the design, acquisition, maintenance, and operation of modern defense systems. The military needs and rewards its technical leaders!

The Engineering Duty Officer (EDO) community spearheaded the development of the Master of Science in Systems Engineering curriculum (MSSE, Curriculum 580) in recognition of the need for systems engineering skills among EDOs.  Without sacrificing technical rigor, this curriculum is designed to provide students breadth in engineering fundamentals and depth in systems engineering.  Other communities have similarly expressed an interest in sending officers to study SE at NPS and the program is expected to grow.  

NPS takes pride in having ABET-accredited engineering degree programs.  Once the SE curriculum has graduates (a prerequisite for ABET certification), the intention is to seek ABET accreditation for the MSSE degree as well.

There is also an increasing need for unrestricted line officers to have a better understanding of the technology that pervades the Navy as well as improved systems engineering and analysis skills.  The Systems Engineering and Analysis curriculum (SEA, Curriculum 308) was developed specifically to address this need in the warfighting community.  It is a unique blend of technology, systems engineering and systems analysis that will make the surface warfare, aviation, or submarine officer better equipped to address the complex tactical, operational, and even strategic problems that face officers in today’s technical navy.

When military officers transition to civilian life, the combination of military service and technical education is a highly valued commodity to defense contractors.


Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements - SE Resident Programs
MSSE (580)
SEA (308)
Undergraduate DegreeBaccalaureate DegreeBaccalaureate Degree
NPS Academic Profile Code (APC) *3-2-33-3-4
Undergraduate Grade Point Average (GPA) and academic preparationOverall GPA of at least 2.20, and course grades of C+ or better in both a complete calculus sequence and a complete calculus-based physics sequence.Overall GPA of at least 2.20, and course grades of C+ or better in at least one calculus course and one calculus-based physics course.
Additional courseworkAdditional courses in mathematics, the physical sciences and engineering are highly desirable.Additional courses in mathematics, the physical sciences and engineering are highly desirable.
Entry DatesEntry Dates: September (July refresher) and March (January refresher)

September and March
July and January
For More Information Contact:MSSE Academic Associate
MSSE Program Officer
SEA Academic Associate
SEA Program Officer

* The NPS Admissions office evaluates applicants based on three criteria. The result is the assignment of an Academic Profile Code (APC). This is a three-digit code which summarizes pertinent portions of a student's prior college performance.  More information on the APC is available on the NPS Admissions Office webpage.  A quarter of refresher courses may be available for students who do not meet APC requirements.


How to Get Started:

 Call your detailer today to check out your options for earning your Master's Degree in the Systems Engineering Curriculum at NPS! The Admissions page on the NPS Website provides additional information.



Will the non-observed fitness reports hurt my career?
No, this is a common fear, but the actual statistics from all communities show that earning a Master's Degree in resident graduate programs is not a detriment with respect to promotion rates. In many communities, it is a significant plus.

What is it like to be a student at NPS?
For starters, there's no duty and you wear your uniform about once per week. Standard dress is “business casual.” The course of study is quite challenging. Expect to spend a few hours on your studies in the evenings and on weekends. You will have time, however, to enjoy Monterey - a small town with temperate weather and wonderful natural beauty.

Why NPS?
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