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Since 1989, NPS, the Space Systems Academic Group (SSAG), and participating departments have dedicated both labor and material resources to the development of space systems laboratories and facilities designed to support space systems academic and research programs. A capable infrastructure of facilities and support personnel was brought together to support the Small Satellite Design Program. In addition, a number of engineering design and analysis tools were acquired with expertise cultivated in the engineering staff to allow officer students to quickly and effectively utilize these state-of-the-art tools for their course work as well as in their thesis research. What we offer:
  • Control & Optimization Laboratories
  • Flash X-ray Facility
  • FLTSATCOM Satellite Operations
  • NPS-AFRL Optical Relay Spacecraft Laboratory
  • Radiation Effects Laboratory
  • Smart Structures Laboratory
  • Small Satellite Design Program Facilities
  • Open site EMI/EMC facility
  • Simulation and Test Laboratory
  • Satellite Ground Station facility
  • Small Satellite Test and Development Laboratory
  • Solar Simulation Facility
  • Spacecraft Environmental Simulation and Test Laboratory
  • Space Warfare Computer Laboratory
  • Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics and Control Laboratory
  • Spacecraft Servicing and Robotics Laboratory
  • Special Compartmented Information Facility for Classified Research and Thesis work

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