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The Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Certificate Program

The curriculum for the Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Certificate Program supports the needs of the Navy in ASW, and complements existing warfare ASW training and qualification.

The ASW Certificate Program provides a science and engineering foundation which covers fundamental concepts in four areas: Physical Oceanography, Signal Processing, Operations Research, and Engineering Acoustics. These subjects are the educational cornerstone for this highly interdisciplinary certificate program.

Anti-Submarine Warfare encompasses multiple disciplines. The ASW Certificate is a distance Learning curriculum that consists of four fully accredited courses delivered by multiple modes of instruction. Offered over a one-year period, these courses develop critical analytic skills and understanding of fundamental principles applied in ASW.

Naval officers who complete the ASW Certificate receive the 6301L code to document their achievement.

It is a fully online, four-quarter program that can be completed from nearly anywhere and is open to military, civilian and contractor personnel.  Click on the below link to learn more at the ASW Certificate distance learning site:

ASW Certificate

MS Engineering Acoustics

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