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Undersea Warfare

Click on the video link to watch a short video about the Undersea Warfare Curriculum.

The NPS Undersea Warfare curriculum offers students the opportunity to study the fundamental principles that apply to the design, performance, and employment of sensors, unmanned vehicles, and tactics in the undersea environment. The program combines electrical and mechanical engineering, mathematics, oceanography, physics, and operations research into a multi-disciplinary program of study. This unique curriculum permits students to select a degree program based on personal interests and undergraduate education, providing more in-depth study in a specific area. 

Students select their major, earning a Master of Science degree in any of a number of topics including Engineering Acoustics, Applied Math, Physics, Physical Oceanography and Engineering. Admission into some degree programs may be restricted based on undergraduate degree, but enough variety in degrees exists to match most officers’ goals and interests. In addition to an MS degree, US Naval officer students earn a 6301P subspecialty code and Phase 1 JPME certification.

Master of Science degrees that may be earned in the USW 
curriculum include (but are not limited to): 

Applied Physics
Physical Oceanography
Operations Research
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Engineering Acoustics
Applied Mathematics


“[The undersea environment] is the one domain in which the United States has clear maritime superiority—but this superiority will not go unchallenged. A growing number of nations are developing capabilities to find and defeat submarines and exploit the undersea domain for their own purposes. At the same time, commercial and academic interests are monitoring and exploring the undersea domain to unprecedented degrees. To keep our undersea advantage, we need a combination of new operating concepts, innovative technology, and the continued proficiency and confidence of our sailors.”

—Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Jonathan Greenert, memo to the current Strategic Studies Group


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