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operational mesoscale NWP.  J. Appl. Meteor. Climatol., 49, 2267-2284.

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Wang, Q., J.A. Kalogiros,  S. R. Ramp, J.D. Paduan,  G. Buzorius, H. Jonsson, 2011: Wind Stress Curl and Coastal Upwelling in the Area of Monterey Bay Observed During AOSN-II, J. Phys. Oceanography., accepted.

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Wang, Zhuo, Timothy J. Dunkerton, and Michael T. Montgomery, 2010: Application of the Marsupial Paradigm to Tropical Cyclone Formation from Northwestward Propagating Disturbances, Mon. Wea. Rev., Accepted subject to revision.

Zhang, Jun A., Frank D. Marks, Michael T. Montgomery, and Sylvie Lorsolo, 2010:   Estimation of turbulence characteristics in the eyewall boundary layer of Hurricane Hugo (1989), Mon. Wea. Rev., In Press.

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