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CS Program Officer
Computer Science/Software Engineering/MOVES/CSO Program Officer

Eric McMullen, LCDR, USN
Code CS/32, Glasgow East, Room GE-309
(831) 656-7980, DSN 756-7980

The Program Officer is an organizational entity that is separate from, but interactive with, the Academic Departments, Groups and Committees in the educational operations of the school. The Program Officer is a U.S. Naval officer whose primary functions, with assistance from civilian faculty members, are to:

  1. Provide academic counseling and military supervision of officer students.
  2. Develop and manage curriculum to ensure attainment of professional and academic objectives.
  3. Liaison with curricular sponsor representatives.


Academic Catalog
Naval War College at NPS (JPME)

CS Course Matrix  (PDF)

CS Graduation Checklist: 368-131 and earlier (PDF) (doc)

CS Graduation Checklist: 368-133 and later (PDF) (doc)


For information on MOVES Institute requirements, please visit their web site.

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All Read Board

All students are required to read and be familiar with the entire contents of the Program Officer's Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

All students should also be familiar with the material contained in the following briefs:

Computer Science Indoctrination Brief (PDF)



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