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Computer Science Research

Our research program is our institutional way of advancing knowledge. With its unique focus on national security, our research program contributes to the larger goals of combat effectiveness and security for the US and its allies. It also maintains our awareness of technology advancement; each year we update about 10% of our curriculum materials based on what we learn.

Our research program pays for itself several times over by bringing direct value to military commands and DoD agencies. At least 50 of our 60 annual masters theses are studies, prototypes, or field experiments of direct value to national defense. If a command or agency were to commission private consultants to perform the same work, they would pay anywhere from $200K to $500K apiece. That is an equivalent market value of $10M to $25M annually from this aspect of our research program.

We collaborate extensively with others at NPS and with external agencies, universities, and industries. Click here for information on our department's labs.

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