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Graduate School of Operational & Information Sciences

The Graduate School of Operational & Information Sciences includes five Departments:

Educating our Computer Science masters and doctoral students is the most important activity of the department. Our central focus is equipping our students to perform well as technical leaders in the world they will face after graduation. Complexity and change are dominant characteristics of that world. We develop technical leaders by teaching a principles-based curriculum, around which we build practices for managing complexity and innovation. We conduct an extensive research program that directly enhances national security by increasing the effectiveness of the armed forces of the United States and its allies.

The Cyber Academic Group is the locus of synergistic cyber education and research. Our objective is to enable our students, including military officers, U.S Government civilians and enlisted personnel, to understand both how to defend our networks from penetration and to employ cyber capabilities to ensure an advantage in future operations. The Cyber Battle Lab, home to our semi-annual Cyber Wargames, is a facility for interdisciplinary cyber education and research ranging from high-level strategy to machine-level reverse engineering. In a dynamic and rapidly evolving context, we educate our nation¹s future cyber leadership.

Today the Department of Defense Analysis hosts more that 140 joint SOF, conventional, and international officers each year, and is home to two nationally prominent research centers, DoD’s Information Operations Center for Excellence and the cutting edge CORE Lab, an intel/ops fusion center of sorts. Recognized by USSOCOM and the Joint Staff as a “center of gravity” program in the development of IW strategists and campaign planners, the Department of Defense Analysis is uniquely positioned to educate the leaders of tomorrow in the challenges of 21st century conflict.

The study of these complexproblems in information systems requires a profound understanding of information and the interplay between the sociological and technical networks in which information technologies are deployed. Our program uses a multi-disciplinary curriculum to stimulate and educate tomorrow's scholars to do the kinds of research that will help solve the complex problems confronting all organizations.

The Naval Postgraduate School's Operations Research Department offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. It is one of the oldest, largest, and highest ranking OR departments in the US. It is without peer in terms of the extent to which graduate education is integrated with a commitment to solving real military problems. Our students and faculty use the latest mathematical modeling ideas and computing technology to penetrate deeply into the analysis of important real-world problems. Analysis is a key word; NPS operations researchers frequently influence decisions and serve as agents for change.

Graduate Resident Programs consisting of 16 technical Curricula and awards Master of Science Degrees and Ph.D. Degrees across four Academic Departments. Ninety-eight faculty members educate approximately 600 Military and DoD Students.

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