Naval Postgraduate School
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GSOIS Programs
 Computer Science Department Curricula 
357Master of Science Computing Technology
368Computer Science
 Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science
369Software Engineering
377/378 Master of Arts in Identity Management and Cyber Security (MAIDMCS)
399MOVES Curricula
 Software Engineering Certificate
 Information Assurance Certificates
Defense Analysis Department Curricula
698Joint Information Operations
699Special Operations
Information Sciences Department Curricula
271Information Systems and Operations (ISO) Academic Certificate in Information Systems and Operations
272Information Systems Technology (IST) -- Academic Certificate in Information Systems Technology
276Fundamentals in Information Systems Technology (Electronically Delivered) (EFIST)
277Knowledge Superiority Academic Certificate
356Information Systems and Operations
365Joint Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence (C4I) Systems
370Information Systems and Technology
 Certificate Program on Knowledge Superiority
474Doctor of Philosophy in Information Sciences
595Information Warfare
596Electronic Warfare
Operations Research Department Curricula
281Certificate in Systems Analysis
308Systems Engineering Analysis (SEA)
358Operations Analysis--Energy
360Operations Analysis
361Joint Operational Logistics
362Human Systems Integration
363Master of Systems Analysis (Distributed Learning)
379Master of Cost Estimating and Analysis (Distributed Learning)

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Academic Associates

Responsible to the Associate Provost for Instruction and to the Deans for the integrity and academic soundness of the academic features of curriculum options.

Computer Science
Prof. Tom Otani
Information Systems TechnologyGlenn Cook
Information Systems and OperationsSteve Iatrou
Software EngineeringProf. Tom Otani
Operations AnalysisProf. Bob Koyak
Operations LogisticsProf. Steven Pilnick
Cost Estimating and AnalysisProf. Greg Mislick
Systems Engineering & Analysis (SEA)Prof. Dave Olwell
Information WarfareProf. Curt Schleher
Electronic WarfareProf. David Jenn
Joint C4IProf. William Kemple
Special Operations (SOLIC)Prof. Gordon McCormick
Space Systems OperationsProf. Donald Wadsworth
Joint Information OperationsProf. Hy Rothstein
Modeling, Virtual Environments, and Simulation (MOVES)Prof. Chris Darken


Do you have questions about a program, need help with a curriculum, or are looking for information on military matters? Contact your Program Officer for assistance. Program Officers are assigned to each curriculum. In addition to managing their respective curricula, they also spearhead the academic, professional, and personal counseling of their students.

LCDR Eric McMullen, USN
CDR Mike Herrera
CSODr. Duane Davis, PhD
LtCol Terry Smith, USAF
LtCol Karl Pfeiffer, USAF
CDR Jeff Hyink
Jennifer Duncan
MOVESCDR Joe Sullivan, USN, PhD
SEALCDR Keith Littrell, USN

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