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Nearly all information pertinent to your course of study is available on these department web pages and the online course catalogue. Students with questions should first and foremost avail themselves of these resources.

For issues beyond those covered in these pages, student advising in NSA is organized in terms of functional areas. Where to go for advice depends on the nature of the question you need to ask.

Every curriculum in NSA is supervised by a faculty member called the Academic Associate (AA). The Academic Associate is the primary source of advice about academic planning and is the only person who can approve exceptions to published curricular requirements. The AA is also the person to see about transferring credit, validating courses, preparing for a comprehensive exam (if your program requires one), and in general any problem or issue of an academic nature.

The NSA Program Officer is available to provide advice on all service-related issues. You should keep the Program Officer informed of any circumstances that might cause you to miss class, or fall seriously behind in your work.

NSA’s Education Technicians (EdTechs) can assist you with the procedural and technical side of course selection and administration (paperwork, official forms, adding/dropping/moving classes in PYTHON, etc). They are also the people from whom you can obtain any required paper forms (e.g. for leave, thesis extensions, directed reading courses, etc.). The EdTech who supports your curriculum will review NSA and NPS requirements with you, and assist you in entering your initial plan of study into PYTHON.

If your program requires you to write a Master’s thesis you should look to your thesis advisor or co-advisors for guidance in its preparation. If you need assistance identifying appropriate advisors, you should consult your AA.

The advising of PhD students is the responsibility of the Chair of the NSA Doctoral Committee.

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