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Global Center Brings Together Counterterrorism Experts

Article by Kate Lamar, Photo by Chamnan Lim

Posted March 12, 2010

Particpants at the CTFP workshopThe Global Center for Security Cooperation partnered with the Defense Security Cooperation Agency’s Combating Terrorism Fellowship Program (CTFP) and the National Defense University (NDU) at a recent Strategic Review Workshop held in Washington, D.C. on 4-5 March in an effort to foster discussion on the critical components of counterterrorism. The CTFP is a Department of Defense program that reinforces partner nation capabilities in counterterrorism efforts and builds the global network of experts committed to fighting terrorism.

The Global Center, with its consortium comprised of 22 institutions that provide education and training for U.S. and international partners, was a natural partner with CTFP on this endeavor according to Chamnan Lim, the Global Center’s Academic and Knowledge Manager. 

“We heard about this workshop that was pulling together experts from various institutions that are working in counterterrorism, so we thought this was the perfect place to launch a new community of interest platform on counterterrorism,” said Lim. “Through our own consortium we have access to experts from around the world. Why not help bring them together with one another to foster discussions within a common community of interest?”

While CTFP and NDU hosted the actual workshop, the Global Center launched an online platform in conjunction with the workshop that will allow participants to expand on their discussion, collaborate on future research and projects, and interact with other counterterrorism experts from the Global Center’s consortium.

The counterterrorism community of interest that the Global Center established is a great place for participants to continue their discussions, according to Dr. Dennis Walters, Program Manager for CTFP. During the workshop he extolled the platforms many features that enhance communication and provide the capability to effectively share information across institutions.

Professor Erik Dahl, a faculty member with the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) National Security Affairs department who also attended the CTFP workshop, was excited about the networking and information sharing opportunities the Global Center’s community of interest platform will afford him.

“It helps to know that I can reach out to other participants and have access to the materials and information from the workshop through a couple of clicks online,” Dahl said.

Another workshop participant and a program manager for the NPS Center for Civil-Military Relations, Paul Shemella, agreed the platform was a great idea.

“The counterterrorism community of interest the Global Center set up will allow me to strengthen my relationship with other CTFP providers and stay committed to building those relationships,” said Shemella.

Lim hopes other workshop participants will be similarly excited about the community of interest platform and will make it a success in the coming months.

“My hope is that the academic experts and practitioners will continue to come together via this platform to collaborate and work on counterterrorism issues,” said Lim. “We are establishing these password-protected environments to facilitate the exchange of information between similar institutions working on related issues. Participation in these communities of interest will serve to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the DoD International Partner Education programs.”

The Global Center has plans to establish at least three more community of interest platforms in the future. The anticipated topics include human resource capacity, defense policy and strategy formation and weapons of mass destruction proliferation.

For more information on the Global Center’s counterterrorism community of interest platform please contact Chamnan Lim at

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